There are notes you should always remember if you want to start having a greener life, business or whatsoever. The term "green" does not always implies about diet where you take veggy and leafy bites everyday, although yes it is associated. But right now we're using that particular term to promote environmental acts that may help conserve and protect our environment through simple yet effective deeds. Back to the three notes these includes, first track your own environmental impacts (mainly the negative ones that we need to improve). Second is to determine how will you manage to get rid of those negative impacts. And lastly, never ever think that recycling will cost a fortune or will break the bank.

Starting with the first one, this specially applies to a business owner or a manager. Tracking where the money goes in and out of a business is indeed important, but don't you know that tracking your environmental impacts can also give lots of savings? For example, you're not aware that the light bulbs you're using in every floors, rooms and corners of your establishments are consuming electricity three to four times more than an eco-friendly bulb. Hence, you might have thought that your bills were quite fair, when in fact if you used LED bulbs, the power consumption along with the electricity bill you regularly pay will generally decrease. Another example, the use of regular paper materials for printing has been a tradition, but the use of recycled paper products can reduce your company's overall printing expense. You see, money is not always the factor you need to keep an eye on, there are small things you never quite expect that would create a domino effect once you started stumbling a piece.

Now that you have been clearly informed about alternative products and work-around solutions that you may imply, make a plan how to implement it. Some things are too easy to say but hard to do. Plans and goals won't be accomplished unless you make an action to achieved it. What are the things you need to change, also what are those you should keep? Don't make haste, everything should be done one step at a time, it's better to make it done for a year with such perfection than to rush things up.

Recycling is like donating without a cost. There are non profitable organizations that support several recycling programs for all types of e-waste, you just have to make a good search. With your green initiative you can even earn a few bucks through participating to such programs that promote recycling. One good example to cite are the recycling programs that most printer manufacturers offer to their customers. They shoulder the shipping expense that is necessary to collect post-consumer waste. These companies reuse their customers empty and used cartridges for recycling to produce eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges which in a way conserves natural resources. Instead of manufacturing brand new cartridges from fresh materials that comes mainly from the environment, they're utilizing post-consumer waste instead. Recycling or rather participating to such programs doesn't require any fee or amount to pay, yet you're helping to promote conservation and responsibly protecting the environment with zero cost.


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