Choosing the right equipment for your home, offices and business could be a hard task, especially if you greatly consider being eco friendly and you think the environment should always matter. There are numerous equipments and machines that are now remodeled or rather redesign, and reproduce to become eco friendly, some are now using biodegradable materials. So whenever their products reaches its maximum life expectancy, the components can be decompose and brings no harm to the environment. Even printer manufacturers have gone through the idea of reducing the ozone emission of their products.

If you think you need to make a switch and decided to buy a new printer that is more eco friendly, then try using some of these tips to hep you pick up the right equipment for your need.

Know first if the brand of printer you'll be purchasing accepts returning of printer cartridges once empty or used, this way you won't get any problem on how will you pile up, store or throw away your empty printer cartridges. Printer manufacturing companies including HP, Dell, Canon and Lexmark are those who gladly accept returned cartridges, while Xerox and Konica can be more convenient since they accept printer recycling for free, only of their brand. Epson also accepts printer recycling but for  a certain cost.

Printer models with a duplexer can definitely bring you savings, by cutting your printers demand for paper use into half. Also consider printer models that don't easily get jammed when using recycled papers, cause as we all know, recycled paper materials are lightweight and thin which make it delicate to use.

Ask for features or modes that lets you save ink or toners, although there are available eco friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges, it's better to have a printer with a mode that can lessen the use of ink / toner whenever you print.

Always check the printer for Energy Star logo, this indicates that the model of that particular printer will conserve much energy as compared to other printer model without this logo.

Lastly, practice green printing, you may not have an eco friendly printer, but you can still do a lot of ways to make your everyday printing more eco-friendly, you can also use remanufactured toner cartridges for your printer which gives you more savings instead of purchasing branded printer cartridges. 


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