Have you seen a printer that instead of making printouts, toasted breads are ejecting from it? It's not very common for us to see new and peculiar equipments, sometimes there are few concepts that are just too good to be true. Even a bread toaster isn't something too exciting to see, but knowing that it features a naive design and an unusual concept, then that makes you curious.

An unusual application of printer concept has been applied to one of our easy breakfast meal helper, a bread toaster that mimics an inkjet printer. Designed by Othmar Muhlebach and was named Printer Toaster, with the goal to renovate a somehow usual tool into something that kicks a new way of creating a hot and fresh toasted bread. Consider it as the modernize way of toasting wherein you just have to wait for the bread to drop on the lower tray, nicely done, hot and ready.

The design won second prize at the Berner Design Awards. If you're familiar on how an inkjet printer or a fax machine shoots a paper sheet, then watching the Printer Toaster will surely amaze you the same way.

Now if you still can't get enough, how about while waiting for some of the breads to get toasted from the Printer Toaster, make some or rather burn some nice images onto your bread. How is it possible? Meet the Zuse Toaster, it can burn an image with at least 12 x 12 pixel in size. The said printer can be re-programmed so users can create a random image printout in a loaf of bread. Literally put a smile on every bread you serve and have a fun breakfast with your family and friends.

What I'm partly hoping is that, it would be better if this Printer Toaster can be equipped with real cartridges wherein instead of inks, users can put jams of different flavors as well as butter. Also, why not transformed a laser type printer to something like the Printer Toaster, it can probably toast your bread and create an image all at the same time.

While we can't afford to buy either of the two unique printer, don't even try disassembling your personal printers just to have one. Instead practice green printing to cut down your printer expense and help save the environment as well, by using eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges on your printers. 

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