Rejoice, for today is America Recycles Day, the only holiday acknowledge and dedicated for all the recycling ideas, activities and efforts that we made and will be making for our country. This prestigious event encourages a lot of Americans, as well as promote recycling awareness throughout the United States.

Just a brief background of ARD, it was started by the recycling sector organization National Recycling Coalition in 1997, America Recycles Day has been a program of national nonprofit Keep America Beautiful since 2009. As the managing entity of America Recycles Day, Keep America Beautiful provides promotional and marketing support and resources to a network of local event organizers.

All big things come from small beginnings, if you think a single piece of junk, let's say a bottle or can of softdrink doesn't make much of a difference, then think again. Every single effort you made counts. Do you know for a fact, that recycling a glass bottle can save energy just enough to light a bulb for more than an hour, while recycling a soda can saves energy enough to operate a 100-Watt bulb for about a day.

This event leads to a lot of recycling opportunity which not everyone of us are fully paying attention. According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), solid waste stream increases by 25% between the holidays of thanksgiving and new year holidays. While according to Earth911, the rate of recycling for aluminum cans jumped from 58.1% to 65.1% in the year of 2011. Based from the waste reduction report of Princeton University, a total of 41% of printer toner cartridges were recycled in fiscal year of 2011. Thus, sustainability for eco-friendly toner cartridges doesn't even meet half the number of printer consumables that has been manufactured.

Now's the time to get involved and be a part of this kind of celebration. If you haven't sign a pledge, then make a move right now, and encourage as much people as you can, take the pledge at ARD to recycle more. Join any event that your community organizers have arranged on celebrating the feast of recycling this year. For the list of events in your area, visit America Recycles Day event page, enter your Zip Code and check all the available events and recycling program available.



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