It takes time, more likely about a year to collect tons of waste and debris from Mount Everest, but for the artists from Nepal, who have gathered enough trash specifically 1.5 tons from the mountain, it only took them about a month or two in order to turn these waste into wonderful art displays.

During the Saving Mount Everest Clean-Up Expedition, the amount of trash pulled from Mount Everest was used for the art and culture workshop and symposium on transforming trash into art works which was held at The Art Club Nepal, one of the art branch of Da Mind Tree. Since there are debris of all kinds, the artists had an array of choices to use as their medium. Some of the trash that were cited are broken tent poles, used cooking utensils and pots, containers of various sizes, oxygen tanks, and several debris of crashed helicopters and other aircraft.

The said workshop and symposium was themed "Journey Towards Our Future", it aims to promote the environmental awareness campaign of saving mountains from Nepal particularly Mount Everest and to uphold the value of waste materials through recycling and upcycling.

All the art pieces which are made by 15 artists from Nepal are displayed in Kathmandu. All in all, 75 sculptures were aesthetically created including a yak, wind chime, Hindu God Ganesh, and Buddhist prayer wheels that were made from empty oxygen cylinders. The yak sculpture was made to commemorate the efforts of the yaks to carry down the porters and trains filled with the collected waste from that 8.850 meter high mountain.

According to Republica, one of the English-language newspaper distributor in Nepal, the 15 artists from the symposium are collaborating in order to create one of the largest sculpture piece that will be displayed for the IMM-International Mountain Museum in Pokhara, Nepal.

In spite of all the efforts and several programs that promote and encourage people around the world to practice recycling, waste is still an issue that remain unresolved. Nepalese artists are hoping that through their sculptures, locals and people from different countries become more conscious of the situation we are facing about waste management. Recycling is a noble job, you can even make a living through reusing and upcycling used materials. As an example, remanufactured toner cartridges are made from recycled empty printer cartridges. If you would wonder, maybe the one who came up with this idea of recycling empty and used printer consumables is living wealthy and green right now.


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