Have you heard of the Print Friendly tool? To those who haven't heard or know it, as I said it is a browser tool which can be used to convert a web page into its print friendly version. How is it important? Web pages as we all know are of different types, some are displaying texts, videos, graphics, images, banners, or a combination of any of these. If you want to save a web page, just hit Ctrl+S, then you can print it or preview it whatever you like. For someone who doesn't want to waste inks or toners from their printer, printing a very colorful and image-populated page is something that needs some editing.

Let's say you only need the content of the page, it's easy just highlight whatever part of the context you need, copy and paste it on any word processing program you have on your PC and print it. However, there are some part of the webpage that you want exactly as the way it should be when printed. This is where the Print Friendly tool comes handy.

I've tried testing it with my own blog (PrintGreen), and it seems that my blog is not efficient enough to demonstrate it whole potential, since most of my blog's page contents are mostly texts. So I tried testing the tool to an E-Commerce site that I randomly chose, and voila, images as well as banners and graphics were all removed from the page. It's like having a Wiki-page version of the webpage you want to print.

Basically, it's like copying the textual contents of the webpage, but through the Print Friendly tool, things are much easy and faster. Just type the URL of the page you want to print and wait until the page loads the print friendly version of the webpage you need. The tool can be accessed online as a free source by visiting Print Friendly, or if don't want the hassle of frequently visiting the site every time you need it, there's an optional button you can drag to your browser's bookmark toolbar.

If you're a blogger or a website admin and you want to embed the tool for your site so every visitors or readers may use the option to print a specific page of your site in Print Friendly style, there's also an option for it. This thing is really useful for school purposes, especially for students who often make researches and documentations. Instead the long method, call this the short method, which is really what it intends to provide. Aside from the convenience it brings to site users, it also promote green printing practices by telling everyone to avoid wasting print supplies. In addition, instead of using high-priced printer consumables, why not consider using recycled laser toner cartridges and ink cartridges with your printer. You get to save money, help the environment, promote environment friendly printing methods, and of course you practice being environmentally responsible.


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