I found this great invention by Chinese designers Chengzhu Ruan, Yuanyuan Liu, Xinwei Yuan and Chao Chen, called the P&P Office Waste Processor. It's a device that can create a pencil made out of waste papers. If you're always in need of this drawing material, then this device will definitely astound you. Aside from being amazing, this waste processor device also help in the environment, by gobbling up waste papers from your offices or schools, and transform it into a cool pencil made out of paper. Of course you still need a graphite, the idea is to tightly wrap the material into the graphite stick, and put some glue to make it done.

This device can provide a great help mostly to school establishments and offices, since these two establishments are often in need of this writing material. Users just simply need to feed the device with their old papers or wasted printouts from their offices and let the device do the magic of turning it into a minty fresh paper wrapped pencil. With its clear cover, anyone is allow to see and watch how this device can turn your wasted materials into a very useful stuff. Just wait till the device spit out the pencil on the hole located at the side part of the device.

The P&P Office Waste processor is also capable of sharpening your pencil before it spit out the material, you can even use it as a sharpener for pencils that are non-made by this device. It's very useful, portable,cool and eco friendly, which makes me think of buying one if ever it gets out of the market. As of now, this wonderful device is not yet available in the market, and i wonder if it would ever be available soon. Nature friendly people would probably love to match those paper pencil with their recycled paper products, as well as with eco friendly toner cartridges that creates green printouts that are helpful for the environment.


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