If you can't get enough of my recent Halloween crafting posts, as preparation for the hallows eve, here's another fun upcycling activity for you and your kids. This post will help you create a unique and artful trick or treat pail, that you'll be needing for the hallows eve to keep all your sweets and goodies. You can also check my previous post for other recycling and crafting activity for the Halloween ;
Recycled Paint Can Jack O'Lanterns
Recycled Milk Bottle Spooky String-Lights

To make one of these playful halloween upcycled trick or treat pails, we will be needing the following ; a few paint buckets (should be empty and used) of various sizes, colorful paints, or you can use art papers, of course glue, scissors and hand gloves.

Let's start by checking any residual paint from the buckets, you don't want your kids to get candies that smells like paint right. Make sure it's all clear from paint scents and all other toxins, then prepare the art papers and scissors to cut out ghost like faces, for example you can draw faces of Frank n'Stein, common Jack O'Lantern expressions, and all other spooky faces that you want, it's better to have a template or something to trace. If you don't want to use cut outs, and you want something more challenging then you can use the colorful paints to draw eerie faces of ghosts into the bucket.

Once you're done cutting out ghost faces, glue them around the bucket  how you want it, and you can add gloss effect to your project by combining water and glue that you will apply around the buckets surface, enough to make a protective coat similar to using Mod Podge / Deco Podge. If you use acrylic paints instead of cut outs, then there's no need for you to apply a coating on its surface. If your kids love decorating, they can add glitters, scrapbook accessories and ornaments on their trick or treat pail made from upcycled paint buckets.

Next time, we'll try to make more fun recycling activities using smaller containers like eco friendly toner cartridges or ink cartridges, and let's see what we can do with it to add on our list of recycled halloween goodies.


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