Have you ever wondered if there could be a possible thing that you can do to at least extend the life of your printer's consumables such as toner cartridges and ink cartridges? Actually there are ways and steps that any printer user may refer to make their inks and toners last longer. Once you start doing the suggested list below, you'll probably save and cut down your printer's operating cost in the long run.

Reduce Printing in Color Mode
All printer users know that color cartridges are typically expensive compared to black, hence replacing each color will accumulate much expenses. Though there are printers that use single cartridge for three colors, still they are highly expensive. So the only way to lessen the cost of purchasing replacement color inks/toners is to use it only when necessary, actually it's more of like a common sense advice, and it also applies with the black consumables. If you're using color printer, set the printer to print only in black.

Read before you print.
Proofreading is always neglected by most, especially to those who don't even care of the inks/toners they consumed during printing drafts. It's natural for anyone to have mistakes or errors with their documents or paper works, but it's not ideal to print it without proof reading. You're not only wasting the paper sheets but also the inks/toners of your printer, and also power supply. Make it a habit to check each page and proof read your work before printing.

Use your printer at least once a week.
If you think that just because you let your printer unused for more than a month or two will save you from the amounting expense of buying replacement cartridges, the you're wrong. Actually you're causing much trouble to your printer, the inks or toners may build and dried up inside the machine and eventually it will result to more serious damages. Once the cartridges dried up, they're useless and the only way to make your printer work is to buy replacement cartridges, in short expense. If you hardly use your equipment, it's not a solution to avoid buying replacements.

Consider the alternatives.
OEM cartridges are highly-priced, we can't blame them business is business. But we can find way to reduce the operating cost of our printers, through using recycled toner cartridges and ink cartridges. These products are made from components of branded ink and toner tanks, refurbished and refilled with third-party mixtures. Less expensive yet they can deliver exactly the same performance like its counterparts, although there's a slight difference in the resolution and quality. But it's a fairly reasonable trade-off considering the cut in price.


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