Where does your waste, worn out materials and some old stuffs end up? Are they now part of those mountainous garbage piling up on every landfills? If all your answers are yes then you should start realizing the consequences of your actions. 

Every year, millions of wastes are being dumped on landfills or just incinerated, causing much problem to the environment and to all of us. Estimating the amount of garbage accumulated per year of a particular country, that would be like 60 pieces of wastes are being thrown away every second. And every year, there's a 15% increase in the annual estimated count of wastes and garbage.

In the North West areas, million litters of natural gas and petroleum are being consumed in the manufacturing process of producing printer cartridges. The composition of these products mainly composed of plastic materials, and we all know that materials made from petrochemicals take hundreds of years to decompose. Yet still, consumers of these products don't realize this matter and end up throwing away their empty printer cartridges once used.

To become an environmentally responsible company some of the well known printer manufacturing companies like HP developed a program on which customers and printer cartridges consumers can return their used cartridges. Returned cartridges are disassembled and refurbished through recycling to create eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges. These remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges are less expensive compared to new cartridges that are made from raw materials. 

Through recycling we reduce the need for raw materials thus conserving our natural resources. It doesn't only reduce the consumption of raw materials and minerals that even though they're renewable there are still instances where it might be insufficient to sustain the demand of every companies and individuals. That's why recycling must be promoted through whatever means. 

If we can't stop the inclining volumes of garbage and wastes that are not properly utilize and improperly disposed of, then we should learn to accept the consequences of our actions. 



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