According to EarthShare, back in 2010, each year there were 400,000 tons of plastic and metal materials are being saved from ending into landfills through recycling printer cartridges. Imagine that huge amount, tons and tons of used toner and ink cartridges are being discarded each and every year, and most people doesn't even care whatever the result maybe from throwing away these materials.

Just so you know, aside from reusing the materials particularly the components of printer cartridges for manufacturing new cartridges, they don't just save the resources, they also save energy by less than 50% simply recycling printer consumables. Oil and petroleum are two of the most essential materials that are use in the production of ink and toner cartridges, if you think there's more of it to consume, then you better think again.

Let's make an assumption, say each day there are more than a hundred pieces of cartridges that are thrown away in a single state. Now, imagine if you multiple those hundred pieces by 365 days, roughly we get 36,500 pieces, not too much at it seems. But it's just for a single states alone, how many states do we have in the U.S. about 50 or more right, then that will give you a figure that would reach millions.

For a fact, more than 90% of all the components and materials a cartridge composed of can either be recycled or reuse. If I'm not mistaken, I think a cartridge can be recycled for more than four times, from which it will reach its limit. Considering these facts, it is quite surprising to see drastic improvements in the production of recycled toner cartridges in the market, and how consumers are supporting such products over the years.

A commitment to go green not only with our printing practices is something that we should take seriously. By giving a second-life to these recyclable materials, we tend to save the environment as well as our pockets from the mounting expenses that we printer users accumulate every year. By opting for recycled printer cartridges and office supplies, we became environmentally responsible and a wise consumer as well. Remember that we don't have to spend too much just to have the excellent quality and performance that we demand. Certainly, there are ways from which we can save more while getting the quality we deserve without risking our environment.



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