Why do we have to choose recycled products, and why do we have to use them? To narrow our today's topic, let's focus on tackling about recycled consumables and commodities from the print industry.

Printers are now a common equipment to most houses, offices and businesses. Mainly because in our today's professional lifestyle printing became a necessity. Also, the market value of printers notably dropped that you can even purchased a new one as much as you can replace your mobile phone.

Now how is it related to the question "why must we use recycled products"? Let me try to explain it as brief as possible. Printers in order to work, requires ink or toner cartridges. Once its consumables run out of ink or toner, the user will have to replace it as soon as possible or else the machine won't work properly. If you buy a printer today, it's common that it includes a set of cartridges, which as not everyone knows that these "free trial" cartridges contain less than half full of inks or toners. Eventually the printer will soon run out of inks with just a few prints, in short you have to purchase a new set of replacements. The process goes on and on, the cartridges will get empty then again you will buy replacement. Without you even noticing it, the cost is inclining year after year, as well as the accumulated wastes from empty and used ink tanks.

Guess you probably get an answer to our question. If we will only use brand new printer consumables, in the end, resources, energy and supplies will only get scarce until there's no more left for us to manufacture. But through using recycled products, we are extending the span and usage limit of a material, hence we're giving them new life. Recycled printer consumables or commonly called as remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges are one of the available solutions that we can embrace.

Indeed we can get a lot of saving when we opt for these products, but let's not close our minds to such reason, regardless that we cut down printing expense or not, the essence of using recycled cartridges is mainly to preserve and protect our environment. Aside from remanufactured cartridges, there are recycled paper materials that we could use as an alternative. You might as well like to read this post about Recycled Toner Cartridges and Ink Cartridges.



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