Have you tried using recycled paper materials in your office for printing purposes? Or have you tried recycling used printouts and other paper materials? If you haven't tried doing so, or have no plan of doing such thing, well reading this post would be better for you.

Do you know that when you sum up all the forests in the world, about 80% of it had been logged? According to statistics, 40% of these trees from logging goes to paper manufacturing process, while the other half falls on some businesses that require wood as raw materials. In addition, the industry of paper materials is considered as the fifth largest consumer of energy.

So for every sheet of paper you used or wasted, you also dwindle an amount of energy and natural material. Likewise, the more you re-used or recycled papers, the better you utilize and extend the worth of every wood and energy consumed in the production of these materials.

Paperless printing and eco-friendly printing practices have been promoted worldwide, and today there are several campaigns and organizations supporting the said movement. Imagine, even from its production, hazards and pollution are emitted during the process, which results in severe destruction of the ozone layer. Also, the notable amount of waste we accumulate annually is definitely alarming. Do you think the future generations would still have enough space to build their self a home if right now we require more landfills to dump our waste.

What could be the benefits of using recycled paper materials? First, using re-process papers is cost effective, and second, it is indeed beneficial for the environment. A wise consumer would opt for products that give savings without compromising the quality. Companies would also benefit from using such materials, it can cut down their office supplies cost by simply using recycled paper products. Printing in the office doesn't always require high-grade paper materials since most of the time employees are just printing drafts and initial reports.

To save more on your office printing expense, equipped your printers with eco-friendly toner cartridges or ink cartridges. These consumables are also made from recycled components that came from customers who returned used and empty cartridges. Isn't it nice, to save money while responsibly helping the environment. Well here's another that will boost you more to switch on usng recycled paper materials and printer consumables.

According to Waste Watch,
            "Every ton of 100% recycled paper bought in place of virgin fiber paper, about 30,000 liters of water and 3000-4000              kwh of electricity are saved."

Let's all promote paperless printing as well as the campaign on using recycled paper materials. So we can reduce the need to cut trees, and diminish paper waste dumped in the landfills. Recycling is one of the great solution to help us save the environment and also our pockets.



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