Every year, we celebrate the World Fisheries Day during the 21st of November. It is a worldwide celebration that fisher-folk communities gather and commemorate this event through various programs, workshops, events, entertainment shows and exhibitions, all to highlight the significance of preserving the fisheries worldwide.

Global warming is just one of the factors why the abundance of our fisheries worldwide decline. Through celebrating World's Fisheries Day, we pay importance to all the factors that affects the water bodies found all over the world, as well as the whole community that thrives and survives through its sustainability. Water gives life in several ways, not only to the organisms and animals that lives in the water, but also to us humans. With that, it'll be more comprehensible that destroying all that is left, will only cause us more trouble.

Aquatic animals such as fish, somehow became a staple food for some local people who live nearby oceans and rivers. Water bodies also sustain jobs for the locals, that is why most of the settlements chose to situate on such areas where oceans, rivers and coast are in close proximity. Water also serves as a means of transportation, not only for small boats that fishermen use, but also for large cruise ships that travel all around the world to export and import goods.

But with the communities that reside near oceans, coastal pollution became more severe year after year. Industrial activities alone can extremely pollute large bodies of water, what more if we add all the waste that rivers and lakes carried out to the ocean. It can lead to the scarcity of fish supplies and all other marine forms from which fishermen find their source of income.

From large size trash down to the smallest ones which we improperly dumped causes water pollution. Recycling these materials instead of disposing them can greatly help on saving larger scales of water bodies. There are several ways and forms of recycling, some people are just too lazy to do it. But once you learned the benefits and good impacts of recycling, you'll certainly be using one of those recycled materials in the market, just like the eco-friendly toner cartridges, these consumables are inexpensive, quality tested and help the environment.

This coming November 21,2012, let's all gather and celebrate World Fisheries Day and outspread the facts and issues that should be address in order to create a proper solution on all these problems. Though we've been face to finding a rapid solution on the mounting amount of waste that we accumulate annually, in order to maintain the sustainability of aquatic resources we must move forward towards finding the right solution.


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