Thanksgiving will soon be celebrated after a few more hours, with all the tasty meals and turkeys awaiting for all the guests and relatives to partake. But how about checking the menu, maybe there's something missing from the list, it can be a sweet desert, a warm appetizer, or it could be fish. You see, November 21, is the only day dedicated to celebrate and raise awareness about the significance of our world's fisheries through World Fisheries Day.

Before we raise our glasses for cheers and give thanks to everyone, let's try to give some of our spare time looking down on the factors why our fisheries are threaten. They always say too much is not healthy and so it applies with fishing, too much of it might lead to marine resources scarcity, fish habitats being destroyed, and the never ending plastic pollution that contaminates the coastal areas and coral reefs from where marine animals live.

Based from a study by the United Nations, they confirmed that 2/3 of the whole world fisheries have already been over-fished. The annual fish catch increased, based from the fish demands that consistently inclined from the recent years. Though it is ironic to believe that we need more fish to eat, yet we exterminate them with all the toxins and waste contamination that we throw on the rivers and oceans.

Would you believe that 90% of all the trash floating from the large bodies of water are mainly composed of plastic materials? SaveMyOceans affirmed that there's approximately 46,000 pieces of plastic materials that can be found per square mile in the ocean. These waste are often mistaken by fish as their food, it gets eaten by marine animals and what else could happened to them after digesting these toxins. Especially those small pieces of plastic garbage and containers that contain chemicals like printer cartridges. It's such a relief to know that these consumables can now be recycled and reuse to produce remanufactured toner cartridges or as we called it eco-friendly toner cartridges. Plastic wastes threaten the entire water bodies, thus we need to take further actions to these problems before it gets worse.

Let's all gather not only to celebrate and bring cheers to everyone, also let everyone participate not only with the happenings but also to an act for a good cause. Besides who else will benefit more if we succeed from saving the world's fisheries, it could be us and the next generations.


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