Since the emergence of 3D printing technology, various products created through the said technology were introduced in the market. Conventional manufacturing alone will not be enough to produce this new innovations, and without 3D printing, there are only small chances to be considered and it wouldn't suffice to produce what 3D printing can actually made in just a small span of time.

Aside from the considerably small fraction of time that 3D printing takes in order to create an actual output. It can also be used to generate something that is made from eco-friendly materials. In addition to these unbelievable facts, there are researches who have been working on such plan to print an entire frame of a house in just a matter of day. It may sound absurd and unbelievable, but with Janjaap Ruijssenaars, principal of Universe Architecture based in Amsterdam, building the world's first 3D-printed house is something reachable.

The concept includes printing out several pieces of 6x9 meters sized frame for the house using the D-Shape 3D printer, to assemble a Mobius strip-shaped house structure. The frame will be using sand and binder, which will be filled or coated with concrete and fiberclass to be able to create a sturdy, flexible and solid two-story building.

Ruijssenaars explained the design's origin as, "It was a house in Ireland, the location on the coast is so beautiful that we want the design to reflect the nature." A landscape with an endless, no beginning neither no end design of a house, that's simply how someone would describe this incredible structure. A house that reflects the nature, quite interesting and also intriguing. Although it's called a house, it seems that this two-story structure is just too open literally to live there. But you can still furnish it with couch and seats that suits the concept and designed of the house.

It was the collaboration of these two genius people, Janjaap Ruijssenaars and Rinus Roelofs, an artist and mathematician, with the intention to create a continuous movement through a residential space and out onto the surrounding landscape. The initial plan to build a house was actually to designed it for the biennial European architecture competition, and it is expected to be completed in 2014.

Though it seems enjoyable to have a rest house like this, with the touch of technology and environment friendliness, this concept will soon become a hit. Since not everyone can't afford to have one of this, and that's given, you can instead purchase or utilize house products that features both the latest functionality and being environment friendly, like LED lights, or even eco-friendly toner cartridges and recycled papers for your printing needs.


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