Recently PrintGreen posted about Lexmark's Recycling Program, which encourages a lot of concern customers and consumers to practice recycling and participate on their reuse and recycling programs. The advocacy of promoting companies and organizations that promotes recycling and reusing is what my blog is nearly all about. As an addition to my blogs list of advocates, businesses and organizations, who promotes green living, eco friendly and recycling, here's the Xerox's Green World Alliance.

"Xerox is committed to environmentally responsible business practices.", this statement was stated on their website. Over the last 20 years, Xerox has been proud that their recycling programs had kept more than 145 million pounds of waste out of the landfills. This are all achieved with the help of their customers and all other consumers, who returned more than 2.5 million xerox laser toner cartridges and ink cartridges annually.

Their customers can return their used and empty genuine Xerox printer cartridges or supplies by choosing the best suited recycling program according to their preferences and needs.If it happens that you have a lot of chunks of items to return, you can also order their free eco boxes, that'll save you more time and can greatly reduce your carbon footprint emissions while shipping. If you dont' have a Xerox printer cartridges, then don't you worry, cause they're now accepting used and empty HP genuine printer cartridges. Although there's a certain list of models that they can only accept for their recycling program, refer on the list below ;

HP Color Laserjet CP2025
HP Color Laserjet CM2320
HP Color Laserjet CP3525
HP Color Laserjet CP4525
HP Laserjet 4250, 4200, 1010

You may choose from their recycling programs, and also you need to generate a single return label or return your printer supplies using the Xerox Eco Box as I've mention, or the Pallet Return Process. Encourage yourself from participating on this kind of recycling and reusing programs, especially now that printer equipments are now a necessity which means, that almost everyone of us, every home has their own personal printer. Purchase only eco friendly toner cartridges and all other printer consumables that are good for the environment.

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