As we commonly know, 3D printers uses plastic materials to be able to create an object in its real form. The process to simplify it, involves melting the plastic material and pours in onto the printers platform layer by layer until the shape of the desired object takes its form. But for most of us who support the advocacy of saving the environment, wastes management solutions, and programs that promotes plastic reduction, it ain't that perfect. This technology provides a huge contribution on our economy's advancement, but the fact that is uses plastic materials in order to create 3d objects, it becomes a potential threat for the environment.

Now it's good to know that 3D printing technology can be more eco-friendly, with the use of LAYWOO-D3. It is a material that can be use as an alternative for 3D printers instead of using plastic materials. The LAYWOO-D3 is made up of 40% recycled wood held together with polymer binding agents. Now we can enjoy the 3D revolution without the worries of negatively affecting the environment. You'll get a 3D printed object that resembles a pressboard and a texture as common as natural wood, thus making it eco-friendly.

Kai Parthy, the inventor behind this wonderful development, a 3mm FDM filament that can be used in 3D printers like RepRap and other similar printers.  This new material serves as an alternative to the plastic material used in most 3D printers, and it's a perfect way of wood recycling which is great for the environment. Though plastic materials can be recycled and used in several purposes, like producing quality eco-friendly toner cartridges from used and empty plastic printer cartridges. The innovation of wood recycling may not be new but still through the application of LAYWOO-D3 in the 3D printing technology, the future of recycling can become better. Just like when re-manufactured consumables were introduce in the market, consumers normally had doubted the product, but the consumers impression for recycled products like remanufactured toner cartridges have greatly increased in the recent years.


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