Buying replacements for your laser printers can be a bit of a problem, especially if you’re that kind of user who doesn’t practically care about product information and such. Are you one of those who simply grab and drop, then pay whatever’s in your carts? Well it’s time you change that attitude and turn yourself into a wise consumer particularly when purchasing printer supplies.

All the big names in the industry follow certain standards when testing their products before sending them out to the market for the consumers. This determines whether a cartridge is capable of producing lower (standard-yield) or higher (high-yield) prints based on the results of the tests. We may not provide an exact range of how much a low or high-capacity toner can deliver but maybe you’ll have an idea if we try to give examples.

With the Brother TN420 and TN450 toner cartridges as our product examples, you can make your own assumptions of how many pages each yield type can possibly produce. The TN420 toner is our standard-yield model which can deliver up to 1,200 pages. Our high-yield example of course is the TN4500 toner with an estimated yield of 2,600 pages. Now with these data, we can at least say that those cartridges within lower ranges can give us below 1200 results, while those within higher ranges can give 2600 and above.

Now in the printing industry, there are new terms that mostly third-party manufacturers used to indicate in the specifications of their products. These include the extended-yield and extra-high-yield. But literally, any cartridge that exceeds the limit of standard-yield’s capacity is considered the same and fall under the high-yield category.

In general, you have to pay more for a product that contains more right? The same thing applies with high-yield cartridges since you can squeeze from prints from these supplies then you have to spend a little more money to buy them. It’s like you are purchasing two standard-yield but of course for a much considerable price.

With the environment in mind, it would be more ideal to use cartridges with high capacities. Why? Because, since we can use them longer then we don’t have to recycle them more often compared to the life cycle of those with lower capacities. Also, it reduces the need for collecting resources and materials to produce replacements, which is needless to explain. Hence, if you want to have a lower costs per page and save your hard-earned money as well, then it would be ideal to use high-yield Brother toners for your printer.

The “No Toner” error message that you frequently experience with your Brother MFC-8510DN printer indicates that either the drum unit or the cartridge, or it could be both of these components are not installed correctly. It’s pretty easy to solve since it’s not of a critical error unlike most that need thorough troubleshooting processes to be resolved.

What you just need is simply the knowledge on how to remove the unit’s consumable items inside particularly the drum and toner. So basically, it’s similar and very simple as if you are just about to replace an empty cartridge and drum with new ones. The process will only take about 10-15minutes depending on how fast you can execute the steps we provide below.

Note: This guide will also work with laser printer models inline with the MFC-8510 series and some MFC-series units.

Before you begin with the process, restart your unit first and see if the problem disappears. If it still appears then proceed on the instructions below.

While the unit is still ON, let it rest for like 10 minutes or so, letting it cool down a bit before you make any actions inside it. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty with toner particles you may wear protective gloves with antistatic or just a normal pair of gloves.

Open the front cover through pressing the release button found at the top-center of the printer. Pull it outward to access the Brother TN750 toner and drum.

With proper handling, take the whole part from which the cartridge and drum seat.

Cover a flat surface with newspaper sheets or anything that can work as a cover for the area where you will put the cartridge assembly down.

Separate the toner from the drum by unlocking the green lock tab at either side of the item. Simply push it down to release the cartridge so you can lift it up. Remember not to touch the shaded part (roller) to prevent any print problems.

Check if the cartridge has any defect or dent that might cause the error. If everything is fine, reseat it back into its drum slot by pushing it in place until the green lever lock makes a click sound.

Double-check the drum and toner by shaking gently to see if they’re properly and securely locked into place.

Install the cartridge assembly back inside the printer, close the front cover and restart your unit. With a bit of luck, it should work like good as new.

While roaming in the internet looking for a printer problem that can be featured on today’s post, I run across a thread from HP support forums and a topic just came up to me. It’s a print cartridge problem specifically with an HP 4500 series model unit. The issue basically is mainly with the unit’s consumables particularly the toner cartridges.

According to some aggravated customers, their printers just stop printing colored documents due to an error that says: Print Cartridge Problem Tri-Color, followed by some instructions telling the user to refer on the device’s document to troubleshoot the error. However, you may read every guide from the manual that is related to the issue to no avail. The problem or rather the thread for this issue is still active, and customers are waiting for a real good response that might fix it. However, it seems that users help out their fellow users simply because their beloved manufacturer can’t even give a working solution for it.

Back to the problem, as the title of our posts explains, there are solutions from the same thread which came from concerned users that would like to help out. The funny thing is that their suggested workarounds are kind of weird, something like it. Check the ones below for you to know.

One of them suggested spitting on the HP 4500 cartridge contacts, like very lightly to prevent damaging the item. If you want you can probably dip your fingers to your tongue and rub it gently on the contacts. Sounds gross or whatever, but it did work for some.

Another weird suggestion is blowing the cartridge, not like a balloon. Just give it a nice blow, perhaps the contacts are not fully detected by the machine due to dust or toner build up. But I’m thinking, maybe it is because they removed then re-install the replacement cartridge from the printer which helps a lot. You see, taking the toner cartridges out of the unit then reseating them back is an old-age method that really does the trick on most issues related to print supplies.

Others have resorted to buying a new replacement which roughly costs around $29 more or less. To find out that they wasted their money from purchasing the previous cartridge that caused the problem. It is a costly method indeed, especially if you’re not sure if buying a new one would really resolved the problem. But what can we users do if the manufacturer itself can’t even give us the right solution, guess we have no choice but to try everything that might work.

First of all let me guys remind you that all information presented in this post are all gathered over the internet. Our intention is to give you an idea where to get the least expensive print supplies for your HP 3500 and 3700 printers.

Randomly, we chose a few online retailers and check their product offerings specifically for HP 3500 and 3700 series laser printers. Both models use HP 308A (black ) and 311A (color) cartridges so we focused on these items. Since users seldom replace fuser and transfer kits, we basically disregard those two.

Aside from Hewlett-Packard that sells their HP 3700 toners around $149.99 for the black cartridge and $192.99 for the color cartridges. We found some other retailers that offer the same original items (as they claimed) but were either tagged with the same price, or surprisingly lower. Checkout the shortlist below:


HP 308A Black is being offered at the same price as HP, as well as the three other color cartridges (Cyan, Yellow and Magenta). But they provide a $20 Gift Card as a rebate for customers who will buy 2 of the same products.


Honestly, we’re not familiar with the way they price such items since there’s this bidding thing, thus we only refer on the figures stated on each product’s Buy It Now price. Based on the page we bumped, their genuine HP toners (308A and 311A) can be purchased around $65.00 and above. Yes that sounds pretty cheap for an OEM cartridge.


Here’s another reseller that offers cheap priced toner cartridges for HP 3500 and 3700 printers. The black HP Q2670A has a market price of $97.00 which is about 50% less over Staples and HP. While the rest of the color cartridges unusually come cheaper in contrast to HP’s original prices. Notice that originally, the black is less expensive that the color toners which is obviously not the same thing here.

Just a reminder, we are neither promoting these stores nor have anything against them to write something that may affect their standing. They’re randomly chosen upon searching the internet for local online retailers that are offering the product we intend to use as a topic for this post. If you’re not convinced on the information we provided, you can check them out for you to see.

Any comments, suggestions and corrections are very much welcome. Let’s see them right below this post through your comments.

Not every printer users, specifically those who owned laser type units often use their machine’s special feature which is commonly referred to as Grayscale-printing. Well if you’re using the unit mainly for your personal printing needs, then it’s considerable if you don’t have to enable it. But if you’re printer is in the office and most of the time people who are sending print tasks on it are just in need of a draft or black&white copy, then you should enable it.

In the office, monochrome printing is more preferred than colored, however there are occasional needs for color printing. Hence, buying a color laser unit with grayscale or toner-saving feature is a great choice. But, what is its purpose if you will not use it right? As much as possible, always turn it on to help you save toner consumables.

One good example of a printer that has this efficient and economical feature is the HP M276nw which comes from LaserJet 200 Pro series. We’re not particularly sure if all models in this lineup are equipped with grayscale mode, but maybe yes. Enabling it will let your supplies specifically the HP 131A toner cartridges to last longer than you could have expected. Since when it is enabled, it reduces toner consumption but up to 50% less than regular printing.

To enable it, just toggle your printer’s properties and then go to preferences, click Color tab, and below the Color Options check the box that indicates Print in Grayscale. That’s it, now every printout that will come out of the unit will be in black&white, monochrome, or whatever you want to call it.

However, there are times when users are having problem with their units printing only in black when the said feature isn’t enabled at all. If printing a test page isn’t helping then the problem is the printer itself and not with the installed cartridges, unless the color toners are running low. But anyway such machines can’t be able to continue printing if any of the consumables inside are empty. To help you fix it, here’s your quick solution.

Your option is to hard reset the printer, restoring it back to its factory defaults. Directions are as follows:

·         Press the Setup button from the control panel (home screen display).

·         Scroll down and find Service Menu, then click it.

·         Continue scrolling until you find the button for Restore Defaults, press it and click the OK button.

PictureBrother DR310CL Drum Unit
Whenever our printers run out of cartridges we only have to replace whichever is empty with a new one, and everything’s solved. While with imaging drum, the component or rather the consumable where you install the cartridges, is a bit more arduous. Because even after you replace the drum with a new one it doesn’t end there. You still have to reset the drum counter to complete the process.

Installing the imaging drum on a laser printer is not that too difficult to consider, in fact it’s simply easy. Once you get used to it, doing it frequently wouldn’t give you any trouble. The task that follows after drum installation can be called counter resetting. This part requires the user to literally reset the recorded count back to zero so the printer could recognize the drums as new replacements.

How is drum counter resetting perform?

First of all, it depends on the control panel of the machine model you use. The one we use with the test has mono backlit screen and uses Brother DR310CL drum unit.Since there are printers with touch-screen LCD while others don’t support such, the process is split into two.

For Brother multifunction printers with plain mono display, refer on the steps below:
  • Locate and press the Menu button from the panel.
  • From the list of options select “Machine Info” using the arrow keys and OK button.
  • Next, select “Reset Menu” followed by selecting “Drum”.
  • When prompted, hit the number 1 key from the numeric pad and let the machine execute the command.
  • If it’s done, press the red “Stop” button to exit.

While to those who are using printers with touch-screen LCD, these are the steps you should follow:

  • Perform the first two steps provided above on a similar manner, but this time the button for “Menu” and “Machine Info” can be found on the screen.
  • It’s somehow the same with the steps for printers with mono display. The only difference is that the keys to press are found on the LCD. Still you need to choose “Reset Menu” and then followed by “Drum”.
  • The machine will prompt a message similar to “Reset the Drum”, of course you need to select Yes to execute the command.
  • To stop the process, there’s a stop button on the screen, or exit once done.

If you find it useful, please let us know with your comments below. We hope it did help you on how to reset the Drum Counter of your Brother DR310CL drum unit.

Discount coupons are indeed useful for all customers and consumers, no matter what industry or market you’re into. Depending on your retailer or manufacturer, promos usually come once or twice a month. You’d be lucky to get three coupon codes in a month if your print supplies provider is absolutely generous. It keeps your expense lower to an absolute minimum and at the same time you have the chance to buy bulks and keep them in stock.

Now let’s say you’re just new to this kind of bargain, and you want to get yourself used to it. Here are the things that you need to know.

Find and Select

You think finding a discount coupon with a huge price-off is the first move, then you’re wrong. What you need to find first is a retailer that can give you an ample of promos and sales. Yes you may enjoy a 25% off on your shopping cart, but when will be the next chance you can get another discount? Could you wait for two to three weeks or maybe a month? What if there’s a retailer out there which gives promotions and coupon codes not only once but even twice a month. Think of what we have said and try to weigh things here, and then you’ll find it more ideal.

Choose what’s best

Since you have a copious of promo selection, the next thing you need to do is to select which is the right coupon to use. Should you avail a discount for toner cartridges simply because the price-off looks really enticing, when actually you still have lots of spares? Even they can give you good promos that are considerably irresistible, that doesn’t mean you have to avail all of them. If you do that, probably instead of saving, you actually end up getting more expenses.

Be updated and subscribe

Retailers and manufacturers have this option wherein customers can subscribe to an email newsletter or something like that. With the upcoming promotions and sales for the month delivered to their registered emails. Or you can bookmark their coupons page so you can visit it anytime you think there’s a new promo you might need. An online retailer we may suggest is TonerGreen. This eco-friendly printer cartridges provider offers great deals and discounts through using TonerGreen Coupon Codes and availing their regular promos.

Take note that there are certain requirements that most resellers and third party manufacturers would demand before you can avail the discount. Like for example, a 15% off on select items or for a certain order amount.
Are you confused between the toner and drum unit on your Brother printer? Ever wonder which could run out easily? Well basically, these two printer consumables the toner and drum are two different supplies. Let’s try to differentiate these two items through brief information.

First let’s talk about these Brother toner cartridges. These are the ones responsible to hold the toner particles which are used to create figures and images. So basically it works as a tank or a container. A monochrome laser printer only needs one cartridge particularly the black. While a colored printer on the other hand requires three to four colors such as black, cyan, magenta and yellow. There are some colored types that can use more than four cartridges aside from the general CYMK. Hence there are these light cyan, light magenta and light yellow colors.

The imaging drum or also referred to as drum unit, is the component that transfers the created image through the toners onto the paper material. Inside the drum unit there’s a photosensitive drum that holds the formed image (text, lines, photos, etc). This is then pressed and rolled into the sheet to transfer the image through heat and pressure, and after that you now have your printed material.

One common mistake that some users commit is replacing the drum along with the cartridge that goes out of toner. In case the machine prompts you with an error message to replace the drum, that’s the only time you will need to install a new replacement, otherwise don’t remove it inside the printer. Toner cartridges can be replaced once they’re emptied, damaged or faulty. But it is not necessary to re-install a new drum unit unless it is also under the same condition.

Since they are two separate components, you shouldn’t be confused. Here’s a hint, the toner cartridge is the one you slide into the imaging drum, not vice versa. For a colored printer, there should be four drum units for each toner color. The typical arrangement is something like this, the black goes at the front, next is yellow, followed by magenta and cyan at the opposite end.

Remember that you only need to replace the consumable that goes empty or is damaged. Unless both the cartridge and drum became obsolete and the warning from the status LCD indicates that those two should be replaced.

I certainly hope you now have a better idea on what’s the difference between a laser toner cartridge and an imaging drum unit.

There are several issues that may arise after replacing a printer’s imaging drum unit without resetting the drum counter. Error messages such as Replace Drum, Drum End Soon, Drum Near End, and Drum Stop are just some of the problems you might encounter. To clear the error, of course the only solution you can do is to reset the drum counter.

Here are the instructions on how to perform drum counter resetting on a Brother MFC-8950DW printer.

Note that you may only reset its counter only after replacing the Brother DR720 drum unit with a new one. Do not perform these procedures if the consumable inside your machine is still under good working condition and can still deliver more prints.

Drum counter reset is a very easy task. You may also try the steps below on a different Brother Printer model, like the ones from DCP and HL laser series. Although the control panel from each model may differ, you can still perform the reset.

One quick solution to get rid of the errors stated above is by restarting the printer. Turn it off and unplug it from an outlet, then let it rest for like 10 minutes. After that, turn it back on and see if the error message does not return. If it still persists, refer on the fix below.

Pull the front cover down through the provided handle below the unit’s control panel. You don’t have to remove the drum unit, just let it be.

Now from the control panel, locate the button labeled with Clear or Back (usually found on the right side of the LCD screen).

Press and hold this button, followed by pressing the Up Arrow from the directional keys, or if your printer has a numeric keypad, press 1 instead.

If you properly follow the step above, the status LCD should display a message that says “ACCEPTED”. Once the notice appears, you may now close the front cover.

Hopefully after performing the procedures above, your printer will work again as good as new without any errors related to the drum unit. There’s no need to restart the printer, just see if the error has been fixed and that you can now print without any issues.

Let us know if it did help by leaving your comments below.

One of the networked-ready models that Brother has to offer is the HL-3170CDW, which is obviously part of the HL-series. It’s a digital color LED printer, hence it requires four consumable items mainly the Brother TN221 toner cartridges. This machine, if you may ask, is not just impressive when it comes to satisfying color printing demands, it’s also capable of providing wireless functionalities such as mobile printing. Through user’s high-end gadgets like tablets, laptops and smartphones, they can make use of the printer’s WiFi-support and connect directly to the printer to send print tasks.

But, what if you have the printer and the mobile device, yet you can’t enjoy mobile printing due to some problems with either the machine or your devices? How should you handle such problem when you have no clue, or not even a single idea what to do?

The solution is now here, if you’re experiencing “No AirPrint Printer” error message with your Brother HL-3170CDW printer and Apple smartphone, then here’s a quick and easy solution to tap your printer and let it wake up from its sleep.

 - Start by checking your own iOS-supported mobile devices and see if the AirPlane Mode is enabled. To explain, when the said mode is actually enable, your phone or tablet will prevent emitting wireless signals. Thus, in turn the printer will not be able to recognize the device.

 - Turn the Airplane mode OFF, then turn the WiFi settings ON. You can’t use Apple AirPrint technology if neither of the units you’re using is connected to the same wireless network.

 - Check if the problem is fixed. If not, let’s work with your printer by proceeding to the next solutions.

 - Restart the unit so you can see if it will connect to the network where your mobile device is currently connected. If you installed and setup the printer to a computer via USB cable, you have to configure the unit to connect to a wireless network. If you prefer wired connection, you have to join the printer to the same network by directly connecting its cable to the router.

To get a picture of how the proper connection should be, refer below:

Let’s set A as the Internet/Service provider, B as the Router, and C as the wireless access point.

Point C should be connected to B which is connected to A. Ideally, the printer should also be connected to C, such that the wireless function of C is ON. While if you connect the printer to B, you need to turn OFF the wireless function of C.

I hope this solution could help you fix the problem with your Brother HL-3170CDW and Apple iOS mobile devices.


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