First of all let me guys remind you that all information presented in this post are all gathered over the internet. Our intention is to give you an idea where to get the least expensive print supplies for your HP 3500 and 3700 printers.

Randomly, we chose a few online retailers and check their product offerings specifically for HP 3500 and 3700 series laser printers. Both models use HP 308A (black ) and 311A (color) cartridges so we focused on these items. Since users seldom replace fuser and transfer kits, we basically disregard those two.

Aside from Hewlett-Packard that sells their HP 3700 toners around $149.99 for the black cartridge and $192.99 for the color cartridges. We found some other retailers that offer the same original items (as they claimed) but were either tagged with the same price, or surprisingly lower. Checkout the shortlist below:


HP 308A Black is being offered at the same price as HP, as well as the three other color cartridges (Cyan, Yellow and Magenta). But they provide a $20 Gift Card as a rebate for customers who will buy 2 of the same products.


Honestly, we’re not familiar with the way they price such items since there’s this bidding thing, thus we only refer on the figures stated on each product’s Buy It Now price. Based on the page we bumped, their genuine HP toners (308A and 311A) can be purchased around $65.00 and above. Yes that sounds pretty cheap for an OEM cartridge.


Here’s another reseller that offers cheap priced toner cartridges for HP 3500 and 3700 printers. The black HP Q2670A has a market price of $97.00 which is about 50% less over Staples and HP. While the rest of the color cartridges unusually come cheaper in contrast to HP’s original prices. Notice that originally, the black is less expensive that the color toners which is obviously not the same thing here.

Just a reminder, we are neither promoting these stores nor have anything against them to write something that may affect their standing. They’re randomly chosen upon searching the internet for local online retailers that are offering the product we intend to use as a topic for this post. If you’re not convinced on the information we provided, you can check them out for you to see.

Any comments, suggestions and corrections are very much welcome. Let’s see them right below this post through your comments.



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