One of the networked-ready models that Brother has to offer is the HL-3170CDW, which is obviously part of the HL-series. It’s a digital color LED printer, hence it requires four consumable items mainly the Brother TN221 toner cartridges. This machine, if you may ask, is not just impressive when it comes to satisfying color printing demands, it’s also capable of providing wireless functionalities such as mobile printing. Through user’s high-end gadgets like tablets, laptops and smartphones, they can make use of the printer’s WiFi-support and connect directly to the printer to send print tasks.

But, what if you have the printer and the mobile device, yet you can’t enjoy mobile printing due to some problems with either the machine or your devices? How should you handle such problem when you have no clue, or not even a single idea what to do?

The solution is now here, if you’re experiencing “No AirPrint Printer” error message with your Brother HL-3170CDW printer and Apple smartphone, then here’s a quick and easy solution to tap your printer and let it wake up from its sleep.

 - Start by checking your own iOS-supported mobile devices and see if the AirPlane Mode is enabled. To explain, when the said mode is actually enable, your phone or tablet will prevent emitting wireless signals. Thus, in turn the printer will not be able to recognize the device.

 - Turn the Airplane mode OFF, then turn the WiFi settings ON. You can’t use Apple AirPrint technology if neither of the units you’re using is connected to the same wireless network.

 - Check if the problem is fixed. If not, let’s work with your printer by proceeding to the next solutions.

 - Restart the unit so you can see if it will connect to the network where your mobile device is currently connected. If you installed and setup the printer to a computer via USB cable, you have to configure the unit to connect to a wireless network. If you prefer wired connection, you have to join the printer to the same network by directly connecting its cable to the router.

To get a picture of how the proper connection should be, refer below:

Let’s set A as the Internet/Service provider, B as the Router, and C as the wireless access point.

Point C should be connected to B which is connected to A. Ideally, the printer should also be connected to C, such that the wireless function of C is ON. While if you connect the printer to B, you need to turn OFF the wireless function of C.

I hope this solution could help you fix the problem with your Brother HL-3170CDW and Apple iOS mobile devices.



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