Eco Friendly Notebooks & Binders
Your last days of summer is completely over, whether you like it or not, you'll be heading back to school sooner or later. Equip your self and be ready for a new year of learning, and better start it the greener way with some eco friendly tools and school supplies that will gear you up from heading back to school.

To have an environment friendly start and a perfect school year, gear yourself with green stuffs that can help you even with the most daunting projects and homework from school. What i mean with green stuffs are not those leafy vegetables, nor green goodies and treats for recess. What i mean with green stuffs are those school supplies that are made from recycled materials which made them the perfect eco friendly school supplies for school.

First on our round up are these earth friendly Ecosystem journals, planner and notebooks which are made from 100% recycled paper materials. If you're a student who cares for the environment and would like to use recycled materials, these Ecosystem journals expresses you're inner personality as a nature lover and environment friendly student, and not all that, you can also customize your ecosystem book with the use of specifically sized recycled inserts that fit in the back pocket of your journal or planner, to add an additional functionality to your notebook.

Second on our list of eco friendly school supplies are the Naked Binders. These school binders are not the common binders that are non recyclable, these are free of plastic, and vinyl or toxins. They are 100% recyclable and are made from recycled materials. So after your school year has been done, you can still make use of your old binders and folders by recycling them to able to use it again for the next school year.

By using these eco friendly notebooks and binders, our ecosystem can save thousands of full grown trees that are required for the production of paper materials such are notebooks and pads. We can also use recycled paper materials when printing our school projects and research papers. To make it more nature friendly, use eco friendly toner cartridges for your printer and PrintGreen with those nature friendly printer cartridges and printer papers.



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