To those who would like to send their used and empty Brother printer cartridges for recycling programs specifically from their  brand manufacturer, here's a quick guide to help you. For Canon printer users, you can check out this post about Canon European Inkjet Cartridges Recycling Program and see the options that would fit you preferences. Keeping our own ways out of landfills and incinerators is a great thing to do, let's promote sustainability and make it a trend.

Brother printer supplies particularly ink and toner cartridges can also be recycled, actually there's no printer supply that can't be recycled except for the components that can no longer be reused. It's a good thing that most printer manufacturers are offering return programs and recycling services to their consumers for free. Recycling indeed helps the environment, but as little as you know, it can also developed you to become environmentally responsible.

First step is to visit their main website, browse through their site and look for the page that provides information regarding printer cartridges shipping. To make things easy, you may click this link to go directly to Brother's Environmental Programs. There are three easy steps to follow, this information is also provided from the said page but to give you a heads up of what the options might be, here they are:

PACK - This allows customers to reuse the original packaging of the item they previously purchased to wrap the used cartridge before sending it back.
PRINT - Since Brother doesn't offer a drop off bin unlike HP and other brand manufactures, you need to log in to your Brother account and request a shipping label to create a USPS SmartLabel for shipping.
SHIP - Once the shipping label was sent to your email, print it and attach the SmartLabel to your package and bring or drop it off to any U.S. Postal Service mail system.

It is ideal to use the original packaging when you first bought the cartridges, however if in case you're not able to keep it since you haven't thought of reusing it for such purposes, it's advisable to use spare plastic bags. If you don't want to seal them cause you're too lazy, you can also place them in cardboard box with the size enough to keep the cartridges intact. Then attached the label on it and rush to the nearest post office to drop it off.

Since you just sent the cartridges back to its manufacturer of course you need to buy some replacements. As a reminder, before you get too excited to re-install the new cartridges to your printer, keep the packaging in your storage room and don't disposed it. So by the next time you need to send back another batch of used cartridges, you'll now have something to use to seal the cartridges for shipping. Always remember to practice recycling or use recycled toner cartridges and ink cartridges with your printer for green printing.


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