Canon ImageRunner C5240i
Canon does have a number of recycling programs to help preserve our environment. While these programs are still aiding in sustainability, they coexist with what we called as sustainable printers. Along with Canon's dedication to support environmental protection and the likes, the company recently released one of their latest printer that supports green printing with the ImageRunner Advance C5240i.

What makes it different among the other conventional printers is that, the C5240i was built through organic plastic materials from renewable biomass components.Bio-plastic materials as we all know has a property that can't stand high heat levels especially the generated heat from a printing machine. Due to this innovation, Canon's imageRunner Advance C5240i printer was acknowledge and obtain awards from Energy Star, TEC2 and EPEAT. It was absolutely worthy to achieve the Gold rating from EPEAT, the highest rating that could be achieved. In addition, through the printer's 1 Watt energy consumption when in Sleep Mode, it's certainly enough to be called a green printer.

With all those environment friendly features that you won't always find in any printer, its performance is surprisingly far better than you might have thought. Its print speed is quite impressive, rated at 40 pages per minute in mono printing, and 35ppm in color mode. It also offer a nice and adjustable color touchscreen LCD which is generally useful when the machine is set as a standalone copier.

It may seem unusual to hear some news about a printer made from bio-plastic materials, but you know, technology has a lot more to improve and will eventually offer us the things we thought would be impossible for such purpose, then prove us wrong. Imagine this green printer and you're using recycled toner cartridges, a machine made from renewable substances that uses consumables from reused materials, our world would be grateful to have them both.

Printers and all technologically produce materials, they all contribute in Global warming, actually even those that are not made through the wonders of technology. There are several factors that may contribute in Global warming, hence if there's anything that might help on reducing such negative impacts, we must take advantage of it no matter what.



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