Is it really possible to have a conventional printer that doesn't require to use ink cartridges? Well, Fuji Xerox, one of the known brand manufacturer in the print industry, announced last January that the company was planning to launched a complete range of business printers that features cartridge-free printing.

It's more than just a good news, especially to most environmentalist who are promoting waste reduction globally. Developing a printer that requires no ink or toner tanks will greatly contribute on diminishing overall collected waste that the print industry produced.

According to the news, the first printer that will be released from the said range will be the ColorQube 8900, which instead of using cartridges, it will use four solid blocks of ink (black, magenta, cyan, yellow) called ColourQube technology. The science behind this blocks of ink is more likely similar to toner particles used in most laser printers. The blocks will melt down through heating, to draw images and texts on paper material.

The printer will still use inks although in a solid form, through this technology the need for a cartridge to house the inks can be totally eliminated. This is a remarkable achievement that Fuji Xerox has developed not only for their company but also to the Printing Industry as well. I'm pretty sure with the emergence of ColourQube inks, some printer manufacturers particularly the tech-giants in the industry will soon come out with their own versions.

ColourQube inks contained 30% bio-derived renewable material, which results to achieving a complete certification from NAPIM - National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers. It's ecological benefits are truly exceptional, way better to the derivation of remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges. Although these recycled cartridges can provide positive effects to the environment, still it uses plastic materials for the manufacturing process, yet with ColourQube there's no plastic at all.

Consider your printer having blocks of four crayons, isn't it unique to buy replacement crayons for your machine? This particular technology is nothing new to Fuji Xerox, but for us who haven't seen it in action I'm kind of thinking to switch for a new printer, however, upon checking the market price of ColorQube 8900, $5500 really surprised me. I guess I'll suit myself with using eco-friendly printer cartridges for the mean time.


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