To make it a whole week of fun and nifty crafting week PrintGreen will give you another doze of Christmas recycling and upcycling activity that you can make with the whole family for this weekend. If you haven't tried some of my previous crafting activities then you may browse this blog to check them all and have lots of dandy green projects for Christmas.

We've made cards, nativity sets, Christmas trees, though we're not done with the tree decorations I'm still figuring out what recycling idea should I share with you guys on embellishing your Christmas tree the green way. But for now, we'll be making tabletop Christmas trees that you'll surely love. First you need to prepare the following materials:
  • Papier-mache cones (either you make your own, or buy it from craft stores)
  • Electric drill (with drill bits in assorted sizes)
  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • White spray paint (Outdoor or Indoor paint, your choice)

If all the materials we need are ready, get your hands tired and dirty by loading your drill with ammunition or rather drill bits, start with the smallest size. There's no pattern when doing this thing, just use your wise estimation on where to drill the right hole on your cone, since you started with the smallest drill bit, you need to make sure you don't get the cone all around without leaving any space for the bigger holes. If you're not good with doing random holes, then you may use a marker and put dots around the cone to indicate where you should drill the small and big holes. 

Continue drilling until you're fine with the result, or at least happy with it, then get your fine-grit sandpaper to smoothen the surface of our cone. Once you're done with the sandpaper, give it a blow or use a paint brush to wipe out any remaining dust to make a perfect flat coating when we start to paint the cone. Now to make it look like a porcelain, get your spray paint and start spraying all around the surface of the cone. Give it a nice coating and let it dry for a while from a well-ventilated area, then apply a second coating to make it more smooth and glossy. Allow it to dry for about half a day or until the paint totally dries out.

If you're familiar of small LED tea lights, you can put them inside each Christmas tabletop cone trees to create a whimsical spark on your project. Create as many as you want to make a forest display of these cool Christmas tabletop trees. Next time we'll be making projects out of plastic materials to get rid of your waste problem. There are a lot of shapes and containers from which bottles are made so we can a lot of ideas to think of on how we can recycle them. Even printer consumables such as ink and toner cartridges can be recycled producing eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges.



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