The spirit of Christmas is almost here, everyone is fired up from shopping, decorating and preparing gifts and menus for the eve of Christmas to celebrate with their families. But before we get to celebrate the holiday, let's all have fun creating simple DIY decors, cards and gifts for your love ones, adding a splash of uniqueness and effort makes it more worthy.

Since we are done with paper recycling inspired crafts, well that's what I suppose, for now we will be using bottles and jars for our next project. With green Christmas as our theme, of course we will be needing recyclable materials. I'm pretty sure you've had a lot of empty cookie jars and bottles on your kitchen, so instead of keeping them unused let's upcycle these containers and make our own Christmas DIY snow globes that we can display or send as a souvenir for our friends and relatives this Christmas season.

It has been associated or rather has become a symbol of Christmas, Snowglobes can be a cool gift especially for kids who really appreciate simple yet perky stuffs like this. A white and cozy Christmas, something that most of us visualize when we were kids, the childhood memories of snowman, winter clothes and jack frost nipping on your nose, a joyful Christmas to reminisce. So to share and bring back the cheers and laughter, let us make a Snowglobe out of empty jars as an addition to our green Christmas crafting ideas.

First we need to prepare the following, cooky or mason jars (clear bottle), small toys and figurines related to Christmas, glitters or fine Styrofoam balls, glue, epoxy and spray paints. To start with our project, make sure the bottles are all clean and dry, labels are remove and no residue left inside. Next, paint the lid or cap of the jar with your desired color, then let it dry. Once the paint dried out, get your figurines and small Christmas trees, then glue it to the inner side of the lid. Set it aside allowing the glue to dry, then get the jars and fill it with clean or distilled water until it reaches just about the top, be careful not to pour too much water since we'll be adding some glitters and the figurines will definitely occupy some space. Check the lid and figurines if they are securely glued then apply some epoxy around the lid and tightly seal it back to the jar. Let it dry for a moment then you can shake and enjoy your own personalize Snowglobe made out of mason/cooky jars.

Always recycle whatever the season may be, your empty and used containers can still be useful to something else. Even drinking bottles, cups and wine bottles can also be recycled and upcycled, creating personalize gifts for this holiday. Some other jars and containers like those you never would have thought that can also be use, like printer cartridges, these eco-friendly toner cartridges can also be recycled and use to create wonderful Christmas decors at home.



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