Have you heard of the word Precycling? It's actually not a new term either, though it may sound new to you, it's a word that eco friendly people would often love to hear. First let's define what precycling means, "Precycling is the practice of reducing waste by attempting to avoid bringing into the home or business items which will generate waste.". In short you're avoiding too much waste.

Everyone would love to see no more waste and garbage around, and the practice of precycling can do much to this goal. According to Wikipedia "Precycling emphasizes "reducing and reusing", while harnessing and questioning the momentum and popularity of the term Recycle". Recycling uses waste and worn out materials to create another useful material out of it, while precycling is the avoidance of having waste from which you don't need to recycle since you don't have any waste. So which do you think is much better, to recycle waste, or to not recycle since you don't have any waste at all? Honestly it confused me as much as you do.

There are certain ways, actually which are very simple that even kids can do it alone, from which you can diminish ways or avoid generating too much waste into your home, businesses, office and all other environment. You just need to remember this word "REDUCE", reduce your waste consumption.

As much as you can avoid, prevent yourself from purchasing products in plastic packages and all other non reusable bags and packaging. The more you purchase consumables in plastic bags, take out meals from fast food / restaurants, or from whatever market, the more you generate plastic materials into your home.

Paper bills, from every services and providers, these when all piled up can create a bunch of nonetheless waste. Although paper materials can be decompose, still it's a good practice to reduce your paper consumption and usage. Instead of receiving them from your doorsteps every month, why not subscribe to their electronic billing service from you can receive your bills straight to your email inbox.

Use the internet, is a free source of a vast knowledge, how to's, stories, news, and all that you need. Instead of buying books on how to learn cooking, novels, magazines, news paper, and all forms of learning that are printed in paper materials. Make use of the internet, if you still not aware of the things you can know from the world wide web, then you'll be amaze of all the things and learning that you'll get from it, paperless.

Avoid, avoid, avoid purchasing consumables and stuffs that are disposable. Disposable materials are commonly made of plastic materials, just like disposal utensils, one day use consumables, even those juice in tetra packs and bottled water. You can instead buy a juice bottle or water bottle /jag, that you can give for your kids to use for school. You can also use recycled materials which can be decomposed like eco friendly stuffs, for example eco friendly toner cartridges, and create green printouts with your printer.

There are so many ways you can do to reduce waste consumption or avoid using materials that will generate waste. Make your own way on practicing precycling, and create a big difference.



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