Eco Friendly Paper Mache
Do i need to say PrintGreen loves paper recycling? Well actually, yes i admit it and i do get enticed every time i learned a new way to recycle paper. Paper, plastic, wood, metal, and all sorts of materials that can be recycled, they all get me so excited.

Have you tried using those shredded pieces of paper to create a beautiful papier-mache? For those who have no idea what is Papier mache, it is a French term that means "chewed paper". According to Wikipedia, paper-mache is a composite material consisting of paper pieces or pulp, sometimes reinforced with textiles, bound with an adhesive, such as glue, starch, or wallpaper paste.

If you don't have any idea on how to recycle those strips of paper, instead of throwing them to your garbage bins, or burned them which i definitely don't agree, why don't you use them to make a paper mache vessel. I'm sure every one of you has a printer at home or offices, and you get bulks of old reports and printouts that you shred every day to get rid of. For now, we'll not dump them into the bin, what we'll do with those papers is use them to create a beautiful vessel made of shredded pieces of papers.

Here's how, we need to gather some stuffs before we begin. We'll be needing a small size balloon, but if you prefer medium size, that would be your choice. Old paper pieces shredded or hand torn. Glue or wallpaper paste. Paints of whatever color you choose, well for me i prefer black and gold.

First, inflate the balloon with enough air then knot it, we'll be using it as our mold. Prepare the pieces of paper by soaking them to the glue or paste, then one by one stick it to the balloon. Start covering from the top of the balloon as it'll be the surface base of the vessel, then continue pasting till you reach at least half of it. I forgot to tell, draw a line in the middle of the balloon as an indicator on which part you'll end pasting. Do the paper pasting until you're satisfied of the thickness and height of your vessel. Once you're through, set it under the sun and let it dry for several hours or until the paper mache is completely dry. If you think its hard enough, remove the knot of the balloon and gently release the air, slowly and carefully to avoid deforming your vessel. Let it dry for more, as the glue from the surface inside might still be damp. Once the glue is completely dry ready your paints, and start painting your vessel, you may use a different color for the outer surface and another color for the inner surface.

I hope you enjoy creating environment friendly projects with PrintGreen. Think of other ways to recycle papers, and help save the environment. You can also use eco friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges for you printer, to save your money and our natural resources at the same time. Cost effective, reliable performance and environment friendly, that's what remanufactured toner cartridges can offer for you and for the environment.



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