Have you been maintaining a low power consumption with your printer? Are you at least using a few ways to reduce the energy cost of your printer equipment? Also, do you have any idea how much energy you're wasting whenever you left that equipment on for a couple of hours without even using it, just because you forgot to turn it off? If you can't change yourself for the environment, then do the other way around, find the right equipment that can suit to your negligence or carelessness, and help save the environment by reducing your equipments energy consumption.

The Hewlett Packard Co., an industry first printer manufacturing company, had developed a certain feature that can turn your printer ON whenever you need it, and switch it OFF when you don't. What if you left your printer on all night, or you forgot to turn it off cause you need to rush to school and it was left on all day. You're not just wasting energy but also your money, from all the bills and cost you need to pay for that negligence. Let's say you're rushing an important document, you hit the print button cause it's needed in a few minutes, without noticing that the printer was not actually on. This dilemmas can be solved with HP's Auto-ON / Auto-OFF technology. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency "Customers waste up to 66% of energy related to equipment use by leaving devices on during nights and weekends."

HP stated on their website, "The Auto-On feature turns the printer to full power when a user sends a print job, pushes the power button, or opens a paper tray. After the printer has been idle for a period of time, the Auto-Off feature turns the device off. High-end HP devices turned off using HP Auto-Off Technology consume up to 26 times less energy than most printers and multifunction products on the market in traditional sleep mode, helping users save money and reduce energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions."

This special environmental feature has been included to many of their Multifunction Printers (MFP) that starter in the year of 2010. Including on the list of models is the HP LaserJet Pro P1108, Planet's Most Energy Efficient Printer, as well as their newly released Laserjet Pro MFP Printers : HP LaserJet Pro 200 M251 and HP LaserJet Pro MFP M276 that uses uses HP CF210A Black, HP CF211A Cyan, HP CF212A Yellow, and HP CF213A Magenta.

With the use of this innovative technology, we can help save the environment by reducing energy consumption and millions of carbon dioxide emission, to create a greener, more eco-friendly planet. 


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