PrintGreen have already featured similar devices like the one I'll be featuring for today's post. However, since there are so much of these wonderful inventions that promotes green and beneficial printing, I'll try to feature them here in this blog as much as they can fit.

Here's another eco-friendly printing buddy that we should look at, the PrePeat printer. Developed by Sanwa Newtec, claimed to be the most ecological friendly printing equipment, although every developer do said that, let's not spoil the moment. Anyway, what makes it distinct among conventional printers, yet somehow similar with some concept printers over the net, is that it requires no ink cartridges nor toner cartridges to print. Additionally, it's said that this device can actually erase the print from the printed material, which aids on the recyclability of the paper.

It isn't the first time that I've heard a printing technology similar to this, while some of what I've read were plain concepts and still remain as one, there are also those fully functional printers that can erase its own prints. Browse my recent posts and you'll find it, as I can't dig in on my archive right now.

How is it possible for a printer to erase it own print? It's simple yet not so plain, there's a thermal head installed on its mechanism and using a special type of paper material, actually it's a plastic paper called Peat Paper. Just like a typical white paper, plain and flat, but when a certain degree of temperature is applied it turns from white to black, hence forming the printout. Now if you're witty enough to figure out how it can erase the print through my explanation, I can applaud you, that's it no incentives nor cash rewards. Well kidding aside, since temperature is the reason why it turns black, then feeding it back to the printer with the reverse process, say cool it, the material turns back to its original state. Simply amazing isn't it?

Considering that the paper material can be reuse, anyone can re-print with the same sheet for over 1,000 times before it reaches its limit. Eliminating the need for printer cartridges can minimize the ecological effects of improperly discarding toners or inks. However, since not everyone can afford to have a printer like this, getting stuck with a conventional printer isn't that bad at all. You can opt for eco friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges to use for your equipment, instead of those high-priced consumables from branded manufactures.



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