Before we've featured the Eco Printer, an environmental friendly printer wherein you can erase the ink from the printer material by exposing it on a special UV light, then afterwards you can use the paper sheet again for more printing. Through this technology users can be able to save on their paper usage whenever printing. The only drawback is that it uses a special type of ink that is somehow different from conventional inks that are used in inkjet printers.

Now as I've been browsing the net for some cool green stuffs to offer for my readers, I've stumbled from this picture with a description that says "Eco Printer". Since it's eco-friendly and techie which I'm sure green-geeks would love to hear more about it, here's another printer that seems to be based on previous post about the Eco Printer, though this one is named as the "Re-Printer".

Disappearing ink is something not too common either not too surprising, since I've already read a few articles regarding the science behind this amazing machines. Toshiba even made a multifunction printer named "Loops" which will be available next year 2013 in Japan by mid month of February while for the other countries it will be out in the market with a different name in the month of May.

The Re-Printer as the name itself explains its purpose, can produce printouts of different files and documents whether coloured or black, then once you're done with the hard copy and you need to use the paper once more, just use a UV light to erase the text or images that is printed on the paper material. It's more of like you're printing a temporary file on the paper material wherein you can erase it afterwards once you're not satisfied with the output or you don't need the printout anymore. Sounds like having a rewritable CD isn't it? The only difference is that you're utilizing a paper material instead of a compact disk.

Paper recycling could never been this easy and fun, re-using the paper sheet for more printing can really save you a lot from your paper usage and printing expense. Though I'm not sure how much would it cost you to buy the special ink once your printer runs out of it. Unlike when you're using conventional printers either laser of inkjet type, you have the option to choose from OEM, compatible or my most favorable printer consumables the eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges which are really cost efficient.

Maximizing the use of paper materials over the additional expense from purchasing a special type of ink is fairly a good trade-off. Though are many ways from which you can recycled paper materials aside from using a printer that comes with an erasable ink. But if you're really keeping up on your New Year's resolution to paperless printing, then I suggest you keep your iPad or laptop always at your side to access all those important files you need.



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