Annually there a millions or even billions of waste are being dump in the landfills and there's only a small percentage from the population all over the world that are practicing reprocessing and recycling materials. People are not concerned of the effects that are happening on our environment. Every small pieces of garbage that are not properly disposed of can create mountains of waste on spaces that can supposedly be a shelter for a homeless family.

There are strategies and solutions that we can do together to be able to reduce the environment problem that we created. Unconsciousness should be set aside and let yourself be aware of what's really happening due to our own negligence. 

Several consumers are not aware of the hazards that the product they purchase could bring to them when not properly disposed. This results to numerous illegal dump sites that are not supposed to be located near a populated zone. People  just dump their garbage wherever they want, cause they're not aware of the harmful effects it may bring to their families or neighboors and also to the environment. 

For example, a pile of empty printer cartridges that are irresponsibly thrown away to an area near a community, there are possibilities that people from the surrounding area can accidentally ingest the harmful toxins emitted by the cartridge. Though it may not cause some serious problems when you draw some inks on your skin, you can't compare that to the possible trouble when you ingest an ink or toner from a printer cartridge. That is one of the reason why brand manufacturers of printer cartridges like HP, Epson, Dell are building plants for recycling their own products of ink and toner cartridges. These recycled products may be referred to as eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges.

Recycled printer cartridges are commonly called as remanufactured toner cartridge and ink cartridges. These reprocessed  materials are greatly contributing to the reduction of waste all throughout the world. If more kinds of material are to be recycled and remanufactured, then it would be a great help to our environment. 

Some of our natural resources are preserve from recycling a single material, then what more could it be when not just two or three materials are recycled and remanufactured. The potential of preserving more natural resources will greatly increase over time. All of these are not impossible if we start now to create plans on recycling other types materials and commodities that we often need. 



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