Since printer supplies and consumables specifically the cartridges, became common to use,
it also evolved into a waste contributor on most landfills. To merely explain the facts how it was considered as one of the great waste contributes in the recent years, here's some of the things you should know ;

Annually, over 1 billion of printer cartridges are being purchased, used and thrown away worldwide. Good thing the figure was taken from an annual result, who would like to imagine if it happens for only a month, you can do the math to determine how many printer cartridges are purchased, used and thrown away daily. In the United Kingdom, about 45 million of printer cartridges are being dumped in the landfills annually.

In Britain, about 15 million liters of oil are being used in manufacturing ink cartridges, it was a great relief for them when they started to recycle printer cartridges which save them million liters of oil. Do you know that, an ounce of printer inks, can cost more than the space rocket fuel? An Olympic sized swimming pool will need about 6 millions liters of water to get filled enough, but in Europe, from the last 5 years, they save 6 million liters of oil by recycling 17 million pieces of used printer cartridges. 

These printer consumables are mainly made of plastic materials, ans as we all know it, petroleum based materials are non degradable, and if they're biodegradable, it would probably take thousands of year before they decompose. I think it would be better, if every manufacturer will include on their products packaging the fact that 97% of a printer cartridge components are reusable, just to let their customers know about it.

It was a great thing that more and more printer manufacturing companies as well as third party manufacturers are accepting returned printer cartridges for recycling. There are hundreds of recycling program for us to participate, every country now has their own unique way of recycling materials and consumables. Whatever brand of printer you're using, may it be hp cartridges, brother toners, lexmark toner cartridges, you can always find a recycling program that will suit your needs.

It has been estimated that by the year of 2012, if you sum it up, there will be about 2 billion printer cartridges on our landfill sites. Right now, only a quarter percent of all the printer cartridges around the world are recycled, producing eco friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges.

All this facts are proofs that we should double our practice of recycling, this implies that if the demand increases, then so as recycling should be.



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