Cost cutting and budget limiting, these are just common matters for schools. Time schedule for classes are getting lesser, just to cut down the cost, some schools have a four day class instead of having five days, thus students need to spend more time in school for their class period. There are certain factors to which it affects the school situation, thus making such decisions to help cut down their school expenses. Four days of school means one free day from the expense of school buses, room coolers, school facility equipments, and employees as well.

Though it may not be a big deal to some students and other schools, aside from shortening the week, they can also create several ways to help cut down the schools expense. Perhaps it's time to start going green, just like what PrintGreen often tells to everyone of you. There are highly advanced houses nowadays that require higher amount of power supply, so to suffice the need for electricity, they use solar panels to gather electricity by converting the heat of the sun into power sources. Why not implement this method to your school, it may definitely bring a gradual decrease to your electricity bills, and most of all you'll save great amount of money.

Use eco friendly office equipments, there are several machines and equipments from the market that you can find. Reduce if it needs, reduce the materials that are not too necessary to cut the cost of buying new materials. There are eco friendly school supplies just like from my previous post : Head Back To School With Eco-Friendly Tools. A countless number of cost efficient materials and school supplies will overwhelm you, like recycled notebooks and planners, pencils made from recycled newspapers, pen cases, reusable cloth bags, and many more. You just have to be a good researcher and a wise buyer as well.

Consider practicing a more cost effective use of school materials and equipments. Like the use of printer, you don't have to print everything you wanted, just print stuffs that are really needed and must be important. You should also teach your students to start practicing eco friendly printing not just in school but also in their home. Consider using recycled printer papers when printing, and also you can try installing alternative print cartridges to your printer, like eco friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges. They are way cheaper, or should we say less expensive, or how about cost effective, or just budget friendly. Whatever you call it, still it helps you cut down the huge printing expense that you're experiencing either from school or from your home. 


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