Since we are focusing on reducing our environmental impact this year, maybe we should start using materials and equipments that are more environment friendly, power-efficient and less expensive. In addition to our goals and resolutions to live a greener life by eating healthier foods, lose some weight, be more conscious for the environment, save more by using recycled material and so on, we should also focus on reducing the negative impacts that we may bring to the environment.

Now in order to make this goal move and progress, we should learn what materials and commodities we should be using to reduce our daily environmental impacts. Well of course if you can't afford to purchase or convert your household equipments into these greener machines, it would be better to start with doing the basics like recycling and upcycling. By doing these two things you can reduce your accumulated waste, you utilize materials and supplies that are still reusable, plus you save a lot by refraining yourself from buying new supplies.

There are things to consider when buying supplies and all other stuffs is the products energy consumption, materials it composed, its environmental impact, and last would be the price. Cut down your energy consumption, that would greatly save you some money that you can spend on more important things. Consider checking the materials from which the product was made of, as well as the impact it could bring to the environment. Products with less carbon footprint especially recycled consumables are way cheaper and sturdy compared to branded ones. Here's a list of some good choice equipments that will help you with your goal to have a greener year.

First on our list is the Solar Charger Kit. Houses nowadays can be powered by a photovoltaic system, but the option to completely sustain your house with solar energy can be a bit expensive. So instead, you can use solar powered charger kit that features a V60 battery capable of supplying enough energy for your laptops, tablets, mobile devices, digital cameras and handheld devices. It's even lightweight that you can bring it wherever you wanted and use it just when you need it.

Next would be the Programmable Thermostat. We often spend much of our hard-earned money from paying our electricity bills. And it's a fact that half of our bill comes from the household equipments we used for cooling and heating. That's the reason why it's a necessity to install a Programmable Thermostat. Through this device, you can monitor your house's temperature remotely with the use of your smartphones or iOS devices. It's more easy, more convenient and much effective.

Last and one of my favorite is the HoneyComb Shade from Lutron. These wonderful DIY shades "are made of fabric that have air pockets that trap heat during the winter and shut out solar radiation in the summer, providing for superior insulation while still allowing natural light to permeate." And what I love the most with this product is that it comes with a remote controller, deducting the wires and strings that can be found on conventional blinds from which kids love to tug and tangle.

You can also opt for recycled or re-manufactured products and consumables that are cost-efficient and are good for the environment. For example, your printer consumables particularly the cartridges can be replace with eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges, they're way cheaper and provides the same quality of par with the original products. There are lots of recycled products in the market that will definitely suit your style and daily routine, you just have to find what's best for you.


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