Christmas wouldn't be the same without a Christmas tree, nor you wouldn't fully feel the spirit and the bursting excitement of the coming holidays. The Christmas tree represents the holiday from which all walks of life, people of all ages and races, and even the season celebrates as one.

There are a lot of enjoyable ways to create and decorate your Christmas trees the modern and green way. Instead of using synthetic made trees you can either use a real plant instead or a tree that is made of cardboard materials. Green, easy and unique, that's how you can describe your Christmas tree.

Synthetic, bristly and plastic, that's the usual fake tree that a typical house can have. But have you ever tried using a real living tree, or rather a plant that resembles the shape of a Christmas tree? Do you know that a rosemary can be grown from your gardens and trim it to a nice cone shape tree? A cute, small, nice smelling, organic tree that can thrive indoor, you can also decorate it with colorful balls and lights, but don't get too excited putting a lot of it, consider a weight that your tree can support.

You can also think of any other indoor plant that can be grown and trim to the shape of a christmas tree. Remember to grow your own tree, not cut a tree. Though it requires maintenance to control the growth of leaves and branches, as well as considering the room temperature from where it thrives.

Aside from using a real tree, you can still do it the green way by using cardboard materials that you kept in the storage room. Large cardboard from appliances and stuffs that you bought will do, the bigger the size of christmas tree you want, the bigger the cardboard size you need of course. An artificial tree that is made of hard paper materials will be more attractive than a synthetic plastic made christmas tree. You'll be needing you're creative talent to make this one, since you need to make a pattern of a tree to trace as your guide when cutting the cardboard. Sounds eco-friendly more right?

For the decorations, you can embellish your green christmas tree with small stuffs like toys, candies are really good, and some old junks that can be recycled and turn into christmas decorations. For example, printer cartridges can be used as tree decorations in replace of those hanging balls. Just make sure to clean thoroughly those eco-friendly toner cartridges so you won't get any problems when children try to reach it.


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