Based from the recent years, we've been setting or rather climate researchers had been setting records in our climate history. In fact there could be a higher chance that this year 2013 will become more significant in the climate history. This idea comes from Bill McKibben, an Environmentalist, Green Journalist, President and Co-Founder of 350.org.

According to McKibben, "We’re seeing record temperatures, record melting, record storms, record everything: it’s clearly not the same world we thought it was even a few years ago. But we’re also finally seeing record dissent. In the U.S. for instance, students on more than 190 campuses are fighting to demand the divestment of stocks in fossil fuel companies. They’ve peeled back the layers of the onion — they’re not demanding new lightbulbs, they’re demanding systemic changes in the balance of power, trying to weaken the forces of the radical status quo, the ones systematically altering the chemistry of the atmosphere."

Definitely I must agree with the fact that this world we are now living is clearly different from what we had not just with a few years but with almost a hundred years ago. I may not live in that time but based from what the old folks have told to a many, the world particularly the climate we have now is surely not the same anymore. The atmosphere we are living right now, is more damage that it used to be, and continuously getting weaker and weaker as the year passes by. 

Bill McKibben also added, "It’s a hard fight, of course, because those forces are led by the richest industry on earth — the oil, coal, and gas tycoons. So I don’t predict the outcome. Only that the choice for the powerful is going to get harder almost by the week, if we keep building the movements we need to build. We’re not as powerful as Exxon yet, but we’re closer than we used to be, which is the only good news I can think of."

The richest industry, indeed they bring fortune to the country from where they're built, to the people who are making a living through their business, and to all who are benefiting from it. But there's only one thing that this said industry leads us, and that is to the gradual destruction of our own planet. Signs and outcomes are very much visible that we can't even hide the real deal, but still more and more oil/gas facilities and factories are being established.

We've been dealing to a lot of waste management problems, garbage reduction, plastic elimination, and improving our waste stream. And climate change is one of our biggest problem that we need to face and resolve in order to at least diminish or reduce the impacts that it bring to our world. Though there's certainly a point to consider why this oil and gas factories are to blame, there are several factors that form a bigger scale from which we should also be aware.

Recycling is one of the method we could greatly rely on to improve our waste management system. These products that are claimed to be made from recycled materials are way cheaper and also durable just like those eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges, they're one of the examples to site with. We reduce our own waste plus getting enough savings, two great things are truly considerable. As for the oil and gas plants around the world, I'm pretty sure they know what they're causing to our world that leads to abrupt climate changes.



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