For most printer users, it's typical to agree that the cost accumulated from purchasing printer consumables has override the price of the printer itself. Though in a good sense, it's indeed that way it is, the expense doesn't end at the time we purchase a printer, but rather it is the time from where the real and continuous expense will start. For offices and businesses, it can be easy for them to consistently use genuine printer consumables which are commonly expensive, but how about those personal home users, most of them switch to more affordable cartridges to save money.

As a result, most of the consumers tend to opt for alternative printer consumables, while others limit their printing output. Though it's not ideal, consumers resorted themselves with the option to buy a new printer equipment that comes with an initial set of cartridges, instead of buying replacement consumables. These few concerns initiated Hewlett Packard to lead the way with a new range of HP's Ink Advantage printers and cartridges.

HP Imaging & Printing Group Business Unit Manager at DCC, Caron De Fortier explained, “Ink Advantage is a new concept in printing, designed to encourage more sustainable and environmentally friendly printing practices. With Ink Advantage, the cost of printing has been reduced by up to 50%, effectively allowing users to print twice as much for the same cost as before."

Fortier also said, “Consumers can therefore afford to keep their printers for longer, replacing the cartridges instead of the whole device. Ink Advantage also incorporates other eco friendly features, such as recycled plastic, reduced packaging, and recycling initiatives through HP’s Planet Partner program.”

If you chose to buy genuine printer consumables and would want to practice environment friendly printing at the same time, then HP's Ink Advantage is the right solution. Aside from this new concept that HP designed, you can also use remanufactured toner cartridges which are more eco-friendly as they're made from recycled components of genuine cartridges, ensuring better performance.

Aside from HP Co., there are also a lot of printer manufacturing company that initiated their own contribution on saving our planet, by accepting returned printer consumables such as Lexmark International, that accepts empty or used lexmark toner cartridges, ink cartridges and other printer supplies for their different recycling programs.



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