Here's a very interesting fact that should be shared to everyone. Upon browsing the web I happened to stumble from a geek trivia asking "which comic book artist's ashes were mixed into ink then used to print comics?". I find in intriguing and honestly I wasn't able to answer it right, of course I have no idea who that man could be, and so I research about this honorable guy.

His name was Mark Gruenwald, a well known comic artist at Marvel comics. He started publishing his own fanzine in 1970, and was hired as an assistant editor on that same year. He's one of the creative artists of these famous comic books like Captain America, The Avengers, Thor, Spiderman and Ironman. Also, his pencil works were part of the The Incredible Hulk which is still a known story to kids until now. From being an assistant editor, he was then promoted as a senior editor after all his hard works, and he would oversee a few of the legendary stories that Marvel comics produced.

He died with a congenital heart defect in 1996 from where his career also ended. But before Gruenwald died, he insisted to be cremated and requested to let his ash remains mixed with the ink that will be used to print comics. His wish was granted  and in 1997, about the early season of summer, Marvel Comics printed graphic novel copy of the late Gruenwald's very own mini-series which is the Squadron Supreme. It was printed in Canton, Ohio printing facility using the ink from which the artist's ashes had been blended with.

It was such a naive wish from a great comic book artist to let his remains be blended with the masterpiece which was once he was doing when he's still alive. He became literally a part of the limited graphic novel copy of his own story and lives eternally with such honor.

Mark Gruenwald had leaved a mark in the history of comic book industry not only with his tremendously awesome works, but also with his real life story. We can also make our own history in simple ways. You see, Gruenwald loves his career and was also loved by many, and with his passion towards his job, he made an incredible yet honorable decision to contribute himself, not only his talent but his whole being in the industry where he lived. With this in mind and the current situation between the print industry and our environment, have you asked yourself what things could you possibly do to neutralize the problem? There are several options for us to consider, but it takes dedication and passion with the effort to aid in the sustainability. We can't just blend ourselves with the ink we used on our daily printing just like what he did, however, we can opt for what's more ideal and efficient alternatives such as eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges. Switch to green printing now, and become a part of the mark that it will leave in our history.



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