Is it good to hear that Lexmark has already ended their inkjet market and sold the patents to their long-term partner? Honestly it always saddened me to hear such news in the print industry that a company is closing or in a down-slope road. However, considering the fact that less manufacturers means less generated waste, still it has some good points.

Actually Lexmark is not really closing its business, but rather just putting an end to their inkjet printing business. The company plans to focus more on its laser printer business and some divisions. On a good note, Funai, their trusted long-time partner in the business of manufacturing inkjet printer acquired 1,500 patents, which means that they can now manufacture their own line of inkjet equipments. On the other hand, Lexmark made it clear that the company will still support all its inkjet customers.

To those who are using Lexmark laser printer, no one should worry about hearing a news that the company might as well close its laser-technology business. In fact, since the company will focus on the said division, we may expect possible improvements and development in the near future. The production of printer ink consumables will not be halted, thus customers who are using inkjet printers shouldn't think of it. Hopefully after the acquisition of Lexmark's inkjet technology, Funai continues the legacy not only by building its own portfolio of ink products, but also by being environment friendly. Having said that, what would happen to the collection and recycling program that Lexmark offers? The company's collection program for both Lexmark toner cartridges and ink cartridges had brought a lot of good benefits for the environment. Funai should also established its own recycling program and facilities to accommodate customers that would like their consumables being recycled.

This year's first half marks the demise of Lexmark inkjet technology, and will soon be revived by Funai Electric Company with a new branding. Regardless of who will undertake the business, I'm wondering how will this new company support sustainability and how long it will take for them to establish their own brand of inkjet equipments. 



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