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Have you tried working on a project that looks totally weird but unique at the same time? Everyone now owns either a personal computer, or even laptops, notebooks, android phones, smart phones, tablets and ipads. Since the growth of technology never stop, the old times goodies which we've been using from such a long time are now left behind. Like for example, high towering and heavy CPU's are now replace by small and sleek system units which are more convenient and requires less space. Even CRT monitors and desktops are now replace by LCD screen monitors, which still are much convenient to most users. What happens to these old units are then left behind, locked in the storage rooms until they worn out, or sell it as a junk. People wouldn't have the idea of recycling them or save them for possible future use. But PrintGreen will never run out of good green ideas on how to create a recycled material out of your old junks.

For sure some of you would have bought keyboards for your desktop PC's before, and still have those in your storage rooms. Instead of letting them worn out there for years, why not create a unique and weird recycling project out of it. It's literally green cause you're going to do planting. Now to begin get those old keyboards and let's get started. First prepare the materials that you'll be needing for this project.
  • Old Computer Keyboard
  • Old Papers
  • Soil (use for planting)
  • Seeds
To begin, tinker the keyboard by opening it and removing the top cover of your keyboard, you'll be needing a screw driver to do this. Once the top cover is remove, get those papers and thorn them into pieces and place them in between the keys, then flat it, if you get the picture right, the paper will serve as the layer to support the soil. Once your done laying the papers, get the soil and pour it on top of the paper layer. Make sure that the soil is fine and not crumbled, also make sure that the soil you use is appropriate for planting. Once your done covering the paper with the enough soil, of course don't put too much soil,make sure the you can still put back the top cover. Now sprinkle the seeds that you want to grow from your green keyboard, use seeds that produce small sprouts. Then put back the top cover of your keyboard, and water the soil in  a very control manner, not too much and not less. Now all you need to do is wait until the seeds germinate and produce sprouts in between the keys.

This is great way of recycling your old computer keyboards and creating a lovely green ornament. Since people are now using personal computers less, then you'll have a lot of ideas to think of on how you can recycle, and be more green and eco friendly. Try using eco friendly toner cartridges for your printer, and make a more environment friendly practice of printing in your home, by purchasing recycled print cartridges or commonly called as remanufactured toner cartridges. Try to create your own idea of recycling and let the world know about your creative talent.


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