Printer equipments are typically cheaper to purchase nowadays, and consumers are aware of this idea that with the small amount they saved from purchasing a new printer, it can be doubled once they started to purchase replacement cartridges. Selling their equipment products for a very low price which we're not even sure if they do get profit from it, their printer consumable products are doing the job of getting back their profit.

It's typically how this industry is set up, to bargain cheap printers to the market, and vend expensive printer consumables like toner cartridges and ink cartridges. Printer manufacturer's profit margin increases, and this is good for them, but definitely not for the environment. Producing tons of petroleum-based inks, which can harm our natural environment, and manufacturing cartridges that are mainly made of plastic. Plastic materials are non biodegradable, nor can be decompose.

We can't blame the consumers from taking the risk of refilling their print cartridges just to save money. Some are now purchasing remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges, which can be assumed as an alternative to original cartridges, since these are all made of original cartridges as well, it's just that they are recycled. Unless they can make eco friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges, then at least lower the cost of their printer consumables. Granted that cartridges can now be refilled, the chance of getting quality printouts is really small.

It was really a good thing, that soy-based inks, inks that comes from grape seeds and other natural resources are now commonly available, instead of using petroleum-based inks which can bring potential risk to the environment. Consumers would definitely prefer cheaper products, but they don't want to compromise the quality. If printer manufacturers can charge less to their print cartridges, then it would be favorable for the consumers, but more likely it wouldn't happen.

The consumers last resort, is to take the risk of trying alternative printer consumables that would fit their budget and quality demand. Unless the printing industry creates their move to develop a solution to this problem, actually there are a lot of ideas that can be considered, unfortunately all of those great ideas remain as just ideas and never been applied.


09/20/2012 9:58pm

You've been doing a great job posting articles that promotes eco-friendly printer consumables. And you're right, sometimes printer consumables cost are even twice the price of the printer equipment when you first bought it.


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