Creating a New Year's resolution would be easy, it's just writing down what you want to do for the next year, what could be difficult is how you will live with it. We've been through a lot of stuffs, rides and journeys from the past years and even from this year, but at the end of the day we never learn from all those things that happened. Although some may have learn and move forward with some better adjustments in their life, there are still a few who still haven't realize the relationship between what you can say, to what you can actually do.

It's easy to list down all the changes you want in your life to happen, maybe from the first day you could practice all the things you listed but what happens at the third week or by next month, would you still cope up on your list? I'm not merely judging anyone, but believe me it's by nature that it happens. If I may suggest, you should make a list of something too easy for you that you can't even break it. Of course, this New Year's resolution will be nothing but a list of green and more environment friendly stuffs for each and everyone.

If you want to save money, you want to reduce your carbon footprint, cut down your waste and improve yourself as a better person for the environment, then here's a list that you might consider.

Reusable First - Always remember to purchase and use reusable materials and consumables. This will greatly reduce plastic usage since they're out of the list of reusable stuffs. It will also help you to be more responsible since you'll be carrying these reusable bags as often as you need it. Aside from bags, there are a lot of reusable materials from which you will enjoy using.

No To Plastic - As it is, if you can't totally banned yourself from using plastic materials then at least reduce the use of it. Drinks that comes in plastic bottles, synthetic toys and materials, packaging and other sorts of materials associated with plastic component. Our waste stream and landfills are already full of it, let's not contribute more.

Walk or Bike - For short trips or places you need to go instead of riding a cab why not consider using bike or walk all the way, besides walking is a form of exercise. It will greatly reduce your carbon footprint by simply walking or riding a bike when going to grocery stores. Aside from that purpose, you'll surely save some bucks since bike don't need fuel or gasoline, plus biking and walking will surely increase your fitness level.

Solar Power - There are several ways on which you can adjust your house to run equipments through solar energy. Nowadays, solar energy can produce higher forms of electricity that can be able to support machines and house equipments that require high voltages to work. It will greatly reduce your electricity bills to help you save money.

No To Meat - It can be hard to remove meat from your daily diet especially if you've been used to it. But if you really need it, like for example you're abruptly gaining some weight, you should really consider this. Red meat can be taken away from your diet, replace it with fruits and veggies but remember to start doing this by reducing the intake of meat day after day, cause you don't want to get upset stomach from instantly changing your diet. Fruits and pancakes for breakfast, fresh salads for lunch, soup and sandwiches for dinner, make your own meat-free diet.

Energy Efficient - Replace your home equipments and appliances with energy efficient ones. Lightbulbs can be replace with compact fluorescent bulb which last longer and consumes less energy. 

Cut Down Paper Usage - Though papers can be degraded easily, it's not easy to raise a tree that would stand tall in just a matter of weeks. Conserving paper materials is something important that we neglect thinking that there are more trees to cut in order to sustain our needs, but that's not the real case. What we can do is to reduce our paper material consumption or recycle what we had used.

Recycle and Upcycle -
Use recycled materials, and if you can do recycling then do it yourself, who knows you might have invent something that everyone would consider amazing. Use recycled materials, they're way cheaper and more convenient, like eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges, recycled materials are cost-efficient yet sturdy.


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