"E-waste like computer peripherals are such a nice thing to tinker. You'll find great ideas to create, art works to shape, and bring new life to these old but reusable stuffs. Technology has rapidly evolve in the recent years, it is undoubted that with these fast changes and innovations, the amount and type of waste accumulated every year greatly increased.

The more we introduce new products and inventions throughout the year, the more it adds up to the amount of waste from which we already had more than enough. One good solution that combats this issue is through recycling. Reusing and upcycling these e-wastes mainly computer parts  can somehow reduce our problem regarding waste.

Scraps of metals, as what others see it, but for Lee Woo, a mixed media artist, he created the cyborg sculpture series entitled "Boundless Body" through the use of these e-waste materials. Perhaps not all of us may notice the effects of technology on our daily system, or even in our body, but indeed there are these aftermaths. It's not only us that were affected by the growth of technology, even the environment suffer repercussions. Observing the crisis of identity in the virtual world, the artist imagines mechanical modifications on human-like forms comprised of recycled computer parts.

Lee Woo explained, “This sort of evolution, as it evokes biological mutations from a phenomenon of interbreeding that erases the distinction between human and animal, foresees new forms of life—born from the hybridization of gender and species—as a natural thing in this future’s cyborg society.

Like the artist behind this great work, we should also try to express our recycling ideas by creating wonderful art works and masterpieces that are made through the use of recycled materials. Aside from creating art, we could also make recycled items or consumables from which a lot of people will benefit from our creation. Like for example, product consumables from the market can still be recycled such as plastic and paper materials, if you're not that imaginative to express your recycling ideas, then why not develop products from these used materials that can be sell in the market as an alternative. An example of which are remanufactured toner cartridges and recycled ink cartridges, a good alternative for budget and quality wise consumers.

It's not necessary to have a creative mind in order to create wonderful works of art, remember that your mind has all the power and you just have to learn how to express it the way you wanted.


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