A lot of people are using personal computers, though nowadays, tablets and laptops are often preferred for their portability and high end features still desktops are not yet left behind. Technology as it may seems, evolved and developed in such a way that most of us can't even catch up with the latest trends in technology. People are getting hooked with gadgets and equipments that you really can't resist getting one for yourself if you had the chance.

On the other hand, tradition was either left behind or gone past. I may agree that these cool gadgets and mobile devices are really enticing, but admit it or not, long before these said stuffs were available we enjoyed using and get excited from the old gadgets that we had before. Low tech as they are now called, less aesthetic design as compared to what's latest in the market, but these old styles and architecture makes them more durable.

So why not incorporate traditional design into technology? The idea of combining technology and tradition, emerges the creation of Orée Board a handcrafted wireless keyboard. It was created by Julien Salanave a French Technology Entrepreneur who worked with Compagnon - a traditional craftsman from Southern France, to be able to create an aesthetically crafted keyboard made from a single piece of wood. Since Orée Board is a wireless type of keyboard, it'll be  convenient to use for your desktop PCs, tablets or iPads. 

The Orée Board is absolutely created from long lasting wood materials that come from the trunks or chunks of maple and walnut trees. Exquisitely designed as an eco-friendly keyboard that can effectively be used for computer devices. This wireless keyboard is powered by Broadcom's Bluetooth 3.0 chipset that is connected to the keyboards mechanism.

You'll surely love to have one of this as it is said that the keyboard's key features are fully customizable, like there's an option to choose from three available fonts for the keycaps, and you can even add a personal text to engrave on your keyboard exclusively. 

Julien Salavane explained, “In a world of technology gadgets that are highly impersonal, made of standard materials and designed for rapid obsolescence, we identified a growing aspiration for lasting personalized objects that would have a soul and put people in touch with the most natural material on earth.

Well, you might wondering if there's also a CPU case or a desktop that is also made from wood materials, then I should tell you that they're existing even before this wireless keyboard was made. But if you're thinking of having a full computer set that is actually made of wood, like your desktop, CPU and printer, then I doubt if anyone has made it possible. Though there are earth friendly printer consumables such as remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges that you might consider.



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