Christmas is such a fun and exciting holiday to look forward to, we don't even notice the remaining days and nights with all the preparations, decorations and shopping that we need to do before it dwells in every houses. But before we go crazy from purchasing toys and goodies for your family, friends and relatives, first we need to make sure that the spirit and atmosphere of Christmas can be seen and perceive with all the decorations we made.

Of course, when it comes to decorations PrintGreen will always be one of the best provider of green ways to make all your holidays greener and more environment friendly to celebrate. Previously on my post Green Ways To Make Christmas Trees, we had the idea of making our own christmas trees from real organic plants that can be grown indoor, as well as making a Christmas tree that is made out of cardboard paper materials. Now, we'll be focusing on making small Christmas tree centerpieces but still the green way.

First you need to provide paper materials such as : cardboard or any paper board and used magazines (if you want to use newspapers make sure to get the colorful pages at least). For the tools you need to bring scissors, glue and hand gloves.

To get started, first you need to make a cone using the paper board which will serve as the tree frame. For the cone shape template, you may search it online or create your own if you have the idea on how to make one, circumference may vary depending on your preferences. Once you're done with the tree frame, next would be making the cut outs from those magazine pages. From this part, everything depends on your choice since it's just cutting out small pieces of paper, any shape will do whatever you want. These cut outs will then be paste on the tree frame starting from the bottom until you reach the top of the frame. Now for the base, just cut a circle from the cardboard you provided, slightly larger from the circumference of your tree frame.

Once you're done with all the pasting and gluing, just set it aside and let it rest until all the glues dried out. You can also add glitters and embellishments on your very own centerpiece to make it more fancy and lively. Create as many of these as you want, the more the better, you can even send it as a gift to your friends so they can also have a bit of your creative Christmas projects.

Aside from creating paper made Christmas tree centerpieces, you can also recycle your old toys and small stuffs and use it as your Christmas tree's decorations, instead of the typical flowers and balls you use year after year. Try recycling and upcycling your office supplies in the office and make a Christmas inspired decorations, how about piling up those eco-friendly printer cartridges like a lego and make an office inspired Christmas tree out of it, unique isn't it.



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