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Have you read the article PrintGreen posted recently? It's about opening the awareness of kids and also of the young at heart, about the goodness of recycling. By letting them participate in a fun learning activity, children effectively nourishes their senses and awareness with hands on activities. For today, we'll be making another recycling related project for children of all ages, to help them realize how fun recycling can be.

Paper materials will be our main focus for this activity. Since a huge percentage of waste from the landfills are composed of paper materials, though papers can be decomposed, it's still important to let them know the idea that papers are made from the trees pulp, and producing paper material only means cutting down of trees. Let them picture out a world without any trees to climb up or provide shed under the sun, or filter the toxic from the air we breath.

For this activity, we'll needing paper materials, but of course stuffs that are used like;
  • paper tubes from tissue papers
  • paper plate, used paper box
  • coloring materials and pen
  • scissors and water based glue for kids.
Explain the theme of our activity, then have some briefing of what they'll be doing. Now what they're going to do is a colorful table center piece. Using the paper materials they have gathered, provide an example of what a table center piece might look like. For sure some of them knows it well and actually have already got an idea of the designs and things to do. For example, a paper box can be punched holed, colored and glued with paper cut designs, creating a candle box holder. There are so many designs and art works that kids can do with those paper materials, but always monitor them and have the adults do the cutting if necessary to avoid any injuries.

You may also used the shredded pieces of paper that are used from printing, the kids can use it to create a beautiful mesh, a bush or an ornament for their recycled paper center piece. Who would have thought that paper recycling can be this fun, especially for kids. Even the adults can join with this activity and have fun with their little kids creating an environment friendly project. These will also remind the adults to lessen the use of papers from their printing, to minimize the number of trees that are cut down in order to provide new paper materials. You can also help save our environment by using recycled products, like the eco-friendly toner cartridges for your printers. Minimizing the used of papers from printing and using remanufactured toner cartridges can create a great impact from saving the environment.



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