_Plastic products and materials are one of the most widely use supplies in the U.S. Mostly used for packaging market products and consumables, bags for carrying purchases and other stuffs, main component used for the production of a of market products, disposable materials and so on. Do you know that there are almost 10,000 kinds of plastic all around the world that are likely different.

It's a versatile component that can be infused or combine with various elements, thus creating a limitless purpose and application. But what's saddening is that plastic materials are mainly non-renewable resource petroleum, and take up almost 20% of the total waste stream. Roughly less than 10% of plastic materials are only recycled, the rest are being burned in the incinerators. Thus releasing more greenhouse gases into the air we breath by burning petroleum in order to produce plastic materials. It's so alarming that not all of us and not even half a percent of the total population are merely concern about this, thus plastic recycling is not greatly promoted.

Plastic recycling is very important and it's necessary. It is the process of remanufacturing used scrap of waste materials made from plastic materials. Recycling those waste materials that are mainly made of plastics is like saving 40% of natural energy that are used from manufacturing new plastic products. An estimated value of about 30% of our landfills can be save from plastic recycling. To some who are not knowledgeable on how plastic materials are made, they're created by mixing petroleum / natural gas with oxygen or chlorine that requires burning or large amounts of oil.

Plastic recycling creates hundreds of useful and beneficial new products that can be use by other market consumers. Like remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges, these printer consumables are mainly made of plastic, therefore recycling them creates a lot of benefits especially for budget wise consumers. Recycling printer cartridges produces eco friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges that are not only less expensive but are also efficient to use for your printers. What's more advantageous from plastic recycling is that, it creates jobs for the locals and in the U.S.

So together with PrintGreen let's promote plastic recycling and create a bigger number of population that are aware and concern about the good impacts of recycling.



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