Have you ever sold something very important that you've been keeping for years, just to buy an expensive gift for your special someone? Well I commend you for doing such a thing, just like Jonathan Brand, a long time owner of a late 60's Ford Mustang car model which he sold just to afford buying an engagement ring for his future better half. The car was actually so much worthy for him that he and his father had restored it for so many years just to keep its beauty. But on the day that he decided to settle down with the women of his life, he painstakingly let go of his treasure over a ring. Then realizing the agony of loosing his Mustang, he became so determined to recreate it, with the use of inkjet papers and printouts.

As it turn out, after loosing such a memorable keepsake, he then transformed as an artist and recreate his Ford Mustang through his memories with it. Of course Brand created a CAD model of his car on a computer and from that structure he started assembling each parts with the use of papers and glue. The replica was called "One Piece At A Time". If you're familiar with Johnny Cash, he also had a song entitled One Piece at a Time, thus naming his remodeled car with that title is actually an honor to the said song. Surprisingly the song was about an assembly line worker who cleverly built a Cadillac from stolen parts, one piece at a time.
Brand explained his fragile creation :
“The details of the car are based more on my memory and a few photographs, I no longer have access to the original car and chose not to use a surrogate to measure and get all the details correct. I like when things are slightly off, in the wrong place or missing, just like my memories of the original.”
Using the CAD model he created, three-dimensional drawings were printed out using a large scale inkjet printer, then one piece at a time he constructed remodeling his Mustang with paper pieces and some glue. The colors from the printed materials were actually inks, thus it makes a really costly project. It was more of like a jigsaw puzzle where his 3D drawings are the pieces which he fold and glued until he came out with this awesome Ford Mustang fragile replica.

I wonder if he used recycled paper materials or old printouts, but I hardly doubt, since his cutouts are in printed in full color. But let's supposed he equipped the printer with bio-based ink cartridges or eco-friendly toner cartridges to reduce harmful effects once his jaw dropping creation worn-out and reach its disposal limit.

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